A Charlottesville press conference scheduled by Republican gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart, devolved into chaos Saturday, as dozens of predominantly white, “black lives matter” fascists shut down Stewart’s remarks before he had a chance to deliver them.

The event, co-hosted by black social media activist, Thaddeus Dionne Alexander, was intended to rally against Charlottesville City Council’s efforts to remove the Robert E. Lee statue from Lee Park.

However, prior to Stewart’s arrival, Occupiers and Organizers—convened by social justice dissident David Swanson and City Councilor Kristin Szakos via social media—began a loud and sometimes-violent counter-protest.

On-site ringleader, Joe Starsia, directed a powered bullhorn just inches from the ears of Stewart and other targeted statue supporters, as Starsia led nearly forty minutes of nonstop chanting: “hey, hey, ho, ho, white supremacy’s got to go.”

Several of the assembled fascists repeatedly elbowed and jostled those gathered to hear Stewart address the crowd; a number of these skirmishes nearly erupted into physical violence. Meanwhile Stewart was pursued throughout the park by the screaming crowd.

Surprisingly, the Charlottesville Police Department (CPD) initially were not present for the event and did not arrive until a 911 call reported “violence” in the park, at least 30 minutes into the melee. Upon arrival, several officers watched the mayhem transpire from a safe distance—stationing themselves near a corner bus stop across Market Street, while the leftist taunting and physical intimidation continued in the park.

A female fascist was witnessed grabbing from his hand and absconding with blogger Jason Kessler’s cell phone. The device was quickly and forcefully retrieved by a third-party and returned to its owner. Kessler’s later complaint and report of the robbery to on-site CPD officer Saunders was met with shrugs and questions about what Kessler did to “make her want to take your phone.” Saunders then approached the violator and advised her that she would not face charges for the phone incident, later asking if the female perpetrator would like to press charges against Kessler.

The event ended long after Mr. Stewart had left Lee Park, with the occupiers eventually retreating amidst threats of legal charges from the assaulted.

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  1. Forty years ago I called the Chv police for help with a man who had been harassing me (today it would be stalking). The first question they asked me was what had I done to make him harass me? With no police help, I then lived in fear until I moved away. One might think that there would be more sophistication in police inquiries after 40 years, but apparently not in Chv.

  2. The police actions (or inaction) had nothing to do with whatever was going on in Lee Park. Now days (as I found out recently), the police usually arrest the good guys. I have a neighbor who was angry at me for accidentally bumping his trash can with my car. He is a gun rights guy (who gives gun rights people a bad name), and his preferred method of communication was to shoot his gun in the direction of my house. When I called the police, not only did they refuse to arrest him for shooting his gun at me, but they threatened to arrest me. These days, if an intruder comes into your home, kills, your entire family, steals all of your possessions, and gets a hang nail on the door when exiting your home, the police will file a report against you and your dead family and then the guy will sue your estate for all your remaining assets because of the hang nail. What has happened to America? What has happened to the world? Are we just supposed to say that we are better off than cave man and should not worry about all of this?

  3. Little Boy: “Mommy, she stole my toy!”

    Mom: “What did you say to her that made her take the toy?”

    Little Boy: “I just said that she had facial hair.”

    Mother shrugs as if to say “you had it coming,” tells the kid he was being nasty, and leaves it at that.

  4. If people were truly interested in not repeating our history of slavery they would want the statue to remain, then place along side the statue the atrocities committed by such men and the ideology of like men, so all people, especially people who do not go into libraries or search historical facts, could read about what happened and make up theirs mind not to allow this to happen again. An out door history lesson. However, as it appears from this incident in Lee Park the people who are protesting against freedom of speech and who desire the removal of the Lee statue appear to be like-minded with the historical slave owners who want only their opinion to be heard.

  5. I object strongly to calling these disorderly vermin fascists. Fascists have pride in their nation. These scum are and always will be communists.

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