Following the November 2016 presidential elections, The Schilling Show has received multiple reports of Trump-branded wine bottles being turned backwards on the shelves at the Charlottesville Wegmans grocery store, so that the Trump label is not visible. Wegmans management says this subtle vandalism is the work of customers and that most patrons appreciate the store carrying Trump Winery products.


  1. Bwahh hah ha! What empty shallow lives these fragile snowflakes lead. Their planned boycott of Wegmans backfired and so they resort to this pathetic stunt.

    Note to self: go to Wegmans soon and buy Trump wine.

  2. A new kind of bullying :( we teach our children that bullying is not tolerated, however some adults, businesses and media networks show them something different! Sad and disgusting!

  3. Someone, probably a kid, turns around a few Trump wine bottles. Someone else sprays swastikas on a Jewish community center and a church belonging to the liberal United Church of Christ denomination. And the first one is what you’re upset about.

  4. Turning around bottles sounds like a juvenile prank. Or if an adult did it, we can call condemn it as juvenile. Swastikas have a considerably heavier history than Trump wine bottles, so the act of spraying them on houses of worship, even if done by a kid, is not something to be dismissed in such light language. You don’t have to approve of the fact that some crimes are legally designated hate crimes to recognize that what’s behind the act is a form of hate that has had murderous consequences – mass murderous. I should not have to explain this to you.

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