There he goes again

In a now-deleted, hysterical social media tirade, Greene County Record editor, Pat Fitzgerald, unleashed on his own readers, referring to them as “idiots.”

Fitzgerald’s emotional outburst was spurred by the termination of lawless Greene County Administrator, John Barkley, to whom Fitzgerald held inexplicable allegiance.

Full post screen capture:


  1. LOL Quite an amusing tirade to read. Hey, Rob – I suppose you are the ‘Rush Limbaugh-wannabe’that this dolt is referring to. And Charlottesville must be ‘Doucheville’. Tsk. Fitzgerald doesn’t even realize he’s further proving the ongoing corruption in Greene County government.

    Ok, place your bets – how long until this yahoo issues an apology, &/or before he’s canned by the Greene County Record, e.g. Daily Progress?! 😀

  2. Journalist Pat Fitzgerald was hysterical and should apologize or be fired for calling people idiots, but journalist Connie Stevens is nothing less than professional for calling him a dolt and a yahoo.

  3. Actually, being canned was the greatest thing to happen. Got a great job where I don’t have to deal with the ilk of Patsy Morris wishing my blood pressure would go up so I’d have another heart attack. Best of all, I’m going to make damn sure that in 2019 the “Make Greene County 1989” folks don’t get any of their backwoods candidates into office.

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