The Albemarle County Board of Stupidvisors, in a stunning display of institutional idiocy, has confirmed the validity of their derisive moniker.

While Albemarle County residents are struggling with physical and economic life-and-death issues stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, the County has issued a self-congratulatory email boasting of their “composting” and “climate” efforts. Because nothing says “compassion” like climate and compost.

Let them eat cake!

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  1. I was born here, i’ve lived in my current residence for 35 years and for all this BS about global warming AKA climate change I have yet to see the temprature rise to where it has caused us damage that has caused the mass hysteria around it. I was around in the 70’s when they claimed “global cooling” was going to turn us all into Alaska, holes in the ozone layer was going to give us all cancer and on and on, none of which happened. So these “Climate office” positions are just a waste of money just like the phony humans rights BS.

  2. Golly, how can the County _possibly_ do everything in its power to fight the virus while at the same time issuing a statement about composting. That would be like walking and chewing gum at the same time!!

  3. Oh that board can walk and chew gum at the same time provided they walk where they chose while chomping on their specific flavor of gum. They were at least wise enough to abolish the draconian across the board ‘rain’ tax they foolishly tried to impose to keep up with their C’ville Council friends. Course that was only after a major uprising from those that do not contribute to water runoff issues.

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