The pictured doorway is just down from the Rotunda, Room 38 on the Lawn at the University of Virginia.

Unnamed sources advise that University President, Jim Ryan, is personally aware of this display and has deemed it protected “speech.”


  1. The protesting and riots hasve really gone too far! What city is next to be destroyed? From UVA’s website: “It is considered an honor to live in one of the University’s prestigious rooms on the Lawn, probably the most popular place for all UVA students to relax, study, and play. … Lawn room applicants must be undergraduate degree candidates in their final year of study at the University.” The room rate alone is $7100.00. Many others would show appriciation while the entitled and spoild seem to have lost something as simple as gratitude! The parent should fix that problem… whoops, that’s part of the problem.

  2. @Brett, Cost is irrelevant when someone else is paying the tab. It would be interesting to see the person that wrote this high school level crap backup these charges in a rational debate versus a list of regurgitated bullet points. Such graffitti detracts from the prestige and privilege of living in one of those coveted places on the lawn. Ryan is another pandering wuss. This is not political speech, it’s crude graffitti that defaces university property. How long would “MAGA” last in the same place? I’d guess less than a New York minute.

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