Christine Solem, arrested following mask-less grocery shopping at the Charlottesville Whole Foods, is facing a slew of new, trumped-up charges.

At a recent court appearance to answer the initial complaints, Whole Foods and the Charlottesville Commonwealth’s Attorney added six additional citations, for petit larceny. Solem again was arrested, booked, and fingerprinted.

Although she qualifies for a medical exemption under the Virginia Governor’s Executive Order, Solem has been charged with nine Class One misdemeanors and now faces up to nine years in jail and $22,500 in fines. 

Christine Solem, interviewed here by Rob Schilling / The Schilling Show on March 2, 2021, delineates her latest travails and her plan to fight back against these government and corporate tyrants.


  1. This is so disgusting. This is why we avoid Charlottesville as there are so many petty tyrants. The idea that surgical masks and a thin cloth will somehow protect people from a virus is completely false. Even N-95’s only protect against 95% of particles 0.3m and above…the COVID virus is 0.0125 so it’s like trying to catch minnows in a net made for whales.

    The only reason it’s even a mandate is because government officials have to justify their jobs, after all doing nothing would have the people like those at hole foods rioting in the streets.

  2. Such discrimination for a grocery store to not allow a person to buy food because of their prejudice against what the customer looked like. She appeared without a mask.

    Did Fraud-chi’s CCP sponsored version of “science” blind everyone?

    What happened to the federal law, The American With Disabilities Act?

    The blinding science of Fraud-chi did not suspend the rule of law.

    Mask enforcers are the same as the thieves who steal exactly $950 dollars from the drugstore and ride their bicycles out the door.

    Would it have been acceptable to “woke foods” if she were riding a bicycle screaming Black Lives Matter while she was paying for her food?

    Dok-ter Fraud-chi is mandating everyone smear feces on their foreheads to protect yourself from the pandemic and all of its variants!

    Don’t worry, no one will see you’re a s*#t head.

    We are all blind.

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