As first reported by The Schilling Show, all Charlottesville City employees must agree to receive a COVID vaccination or sign a “declination form” that would mandate “masking” indefinitely in addition to other castigatory measures.

However, amongst all Charlottesville employees, only one group is privileged to be exempt from the mandate: Charlottesville City Council.

When City spokesman Brian Wheeler was asked if Council was subject to City Manager Chip Boyles’ COVID vaccination directive that all other employees are compelled to follow, Wheeler answered:

They are not. This is a policy for employees and we don’t have information on the vaccination status or preference of City Council.

While Charlottesville City Councilors receive generous benefits and paychecks from the City, they appear to be a privileged class, not subject to the burdens and responsibilities of everyday City-employed workers.

Equity, indeed.


  1. City Council members are not a privileged few. They must abide by the same standards as the people they are there to represent. Just like Congress, they are getting a little bit to big for their britches.

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