In presenting their virtue-signaling proclamation, “Supporting the Goals of Sexual Assault Awareness Month,” the Albemarle County “equity and inclusion” staff made a rather embarrassing exclusion.

While the document’s author apparently rushed to mention every possible politically correct sub-group—

…children, people with disabilities, people of color, men, immigrants, students on school and college campuses, youth in the juvenile justice system, undocumented persons, LGBTQIA individuals, those who serve in the Armed Forces, and others…

—despite the fact that 91% of the victims of rape and sexual assault are female, “women,” by name, were somehow omitted from the Proclamation.

At Wednesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting, Scottsville Supervisor, Donna Price, noted the oversight and cited a correction. Whew!

Also of significance, the declaration favorably references the Sexual Assault Resource Agency (SARA), infamously known nationally for sexually explicit “deflowering” and “grooming” videos shown to ninth-grade girls at Western Albemarle High School, at SARA’s behest.

And although the Proclamation touts SARA reaching “6,000 to 8,000 students” annually, the wayward organization remains barred from official presentations in Albemarle County government schools following the above-referenced incident.



  1. This is what happens when politicians–even small-minded, small-town pols–run amok with political correctness. They rush to take the ball from their big brothers in whatever the cause du jour is and do stupid, non-thinking things that highlight the lack of critical thought and reason behind the movement in the first place. The last paragraph itself is a useless bit of pablum: they aren’t going to raise awareness about sexual assault at all; be real about this. We are FULLY aware of sexual assault…that’s the thing that places like UVA and Penn State and public schools try to minimize so they don’t look so bad to the public and prospective students. The BOS write this tripe, apply their precious county stamp to it, then go on to playground maintenance issues.

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