In a straight party-line vote of the Virginia Senate Education and Health Committee, State Senator Louise Lucas and her merry band of fellow ignorami (Democrats) killed SB73. That bill, submitted by Republican Senator Amanda Chase, simply would have guaranteed medical doctors the freedom to prescribe ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine in treatment of COVID-19:

Prescriptions for hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin for treatment of COVID-19. Provides that licensed health care providers with prescriptive authority may prescribe, administer, or dispense hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin to a patient with a clinical diagnosis of COVID-19. The bill prohibits the Board of Medicine from initiating a disciplinary action against a licensed health care provider solely for prescribing, administering, or dispensing hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin to a patient with a clinical diagnosis of COVID-19, provided such clinical diagnosis and treatment has been documented in the patient’s medical record by such licensed health care provider.

The bill was a direct response to the plight of Dr. Paul Marik, a renowned critical care physician, who was prohibited from issuing such prescriptions to his patients, by globalist medical overlords at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital.

Lucas’s Democrats turned a deaf ear to Marik’s impassioned testimony to the committee, and clearly had mentally dismissed the entire bill before any evidence had been presented. This, affirmed by the party-line committee vote and a self-congratulatory tweet by Lucas, referring to ivermectin as “horse meds”:

If you don’t understand how important our Senate firewall is then take a look at this. Prescribing horse meds to people is now a party line vote in the Virginia Senate. Dems are green because we passed this idea by *indefinitely*.

Senator Lucas’s prideful ignorance—in preventing dying Virginians from obtaining lifesaving, safe, and proven medications—flies in the face of international science documenting the effectiveness of these therapeutics in treating COVID-19.

In stark contrast, Dr. Marik’s testimony to the New Hampshire legislative body regarding their House Bill 1022, seemingly will lead to ivermectin being dispensed in that state by pharmacists under a “delegated prescription” model— without a doctor’s approval.

Removing medical decisions from physicians and handing them over to global corporatists and elected Democrats, is akin to signing a death warrant for suffering COVID-19 patients. Drunk on power under the corrupting tutelage of Sen. Lucas, the brain dead Democrats on the Virginia Senate Education and Health Committee must accept direct and personal responsibility for the deadly consequences of their malicious ignorance.


  1. To quote Rod Stewart “every picture tells a story, don’t it?” one look tells you all you need to know. With all the controversy and information out there on Ivermectin everyone knows what is prescribed is NOT horse medicine. Only the corrupt or IGNORANT further that narrative. So in her case which is it? (or is it both?) What aa horrid human being.

  2. Senator Louise Lucas is one of the most courageous of politicians. When you point A finger at someone else and call them ignorant four fingers are pointing back at yourself. Now the evidence clearly does NOT point to Senator L Louise Lucas!

  3. Vote these people out! They have no right telling a Doctor what to prescribe to their patients.. this is all about money ! These people do not care about our health and are to ignorant to know these are not horse medications!!

  4. Please take your HORSE medicine that won’t help you one bit with covid (where is there any proof or study showing that it works for covid, oh yeah, there isn’t any) and when it kills you there will be one less idiot on the planet! Please start shipping it freely to any fool how asks for it!

  5. Welcome to the ignorance Hall of Fame, where you join Louise Lucas as reigning queen. But, at least you agree with me that she is wrong in her tyrannical denial.

  6. I believe that if you have ignorant people in the government, one assumes that they have not read any scientific findings. Ms. Lucas certainly showed her ignorance in voting against the use of Ivermectin for Covid infection.

  7. Ivermectin (the human form) won the 2015 Nobel prize for medicine. It has had great results areas of India, Brazil and Africa where it has been used to treat Covid. It is very inexpensive, so BIG pharma prefers making their 30 or 40 billion dollars annually for a vaccine that is flawed. Doctors and their patients should decide together what works best. I personally know of 6 people who were treated with Ivermectin early on and they recovered fully within 48 hours.

  8. Where is your evidence. Please show evidence like the Pillow Guy say he has millions pieces of evidence on election fraud and trump claim that he won the election and he would be back in White House last August. Please show it because a lot of people would love to see it schilling show.

  9. Linked in the story. And those with open minds can find multiple sources of information online. If you’d rather not take it, then don’t.

  10. You are right Jay Dee, ivermectin did win the 2015 Noble Prize in medicine but it was killing parasitic infections and parasite larvae, curing River Blindness and Lymphatic Filariasis, not for COVID-19. Get your facts right and tell all of it and not just a part of it.

  11. Us libs know better what you should be prescribed as well as what information you should hear. But yet, we are for freedom of choice. We are not hypocritical!!

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