Amanda Mammana, a talented singer-songwriter with a speech impediment, brought down the house during her moving audition on Tuesday’s America’s Got Talent.

However, there was something strange about what was shown by AGT’s producers and editors. Mammana walked on stage with and performed using a Taylor guitar (with a curvy headstock), but in the emotional exit scene where she leaves the stage and is embraced by her father, the gifted performer is pictured holding a Martin guitar (with a rectangular headstock). Her guitar strap also changed color, from brown to black.

A fathomable explanation is that the original exit scenes were not captured well and that a re-enactment took place later using the Martin instead of the Taylor. Then, the re-shot emotional father/daughter scene was edited-in to the final production with hopes that no one would notice.

While the glitch does not detract from Amanda Mammana’s stellar performance, it does raise questions about the veracity of all AGT performances and whether or not they have been manipulated.


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