A note (full text below­) posted on an entry door at Charlottesville High School (CHS) this week is making waves.

Distributed by a group called “Voice for Students of Color,” (VSC) the flyer offers positions on evolving issues at CHS.

Regarding the recent shooting-hoax school lockdown, the group laments being subjected to “some of the most graphic, traumatic and scary scenes.” Since no gunman was present and no violence took place, presumably, these offensive scenes were of armed police officers clearing the building.

VSC explicitly offers their viewpoint on School Resource Officers:

“we DO NOT WANT to have police in schools…”

Instead, the group would like more unarmed, social worker / hall monitors, known as CSAs or Care and Safety Assistants:


CHS’ recently revised cell phone policy also is questioned:

“Knowing students can’t have their phones out regarding the NO PHONE POLICY. Which we also feel that needs to be dropped because of safety and our well being.” [sic]

And, the overwhelming stress of school work is deplored:

“Students already are experiencing stress, anxiety and feeling on edge because of the school work and not being able to talk to anyone here at CHS because we don’t feel that we have safety or security, or we simply just don’t trust them.”

VSC’s primary issue, though, seems to be a racially exclusive space for “students of color”:

“We NEED and want a space where we can feel welcomed and FREE. Somewhere we can be ourselves and not micromanaged or judged. We also NEED students of color to feel welcomed and safe, but there is no space for us within our building to do so.…WE ARE GIVING ADMIN AND STAFF UNTIL OCTOBER 4TH, 2022 TO CREATE THAT SAFE SPACE FOR US “STUDENTS OF COLOR”

While the demand has a deadline, Voice for Students of Color did not clarify its response if their demand is not met. They did however promise:


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  1. The school board and school administrators need to read the book ANIMAL FARM. OBVIOUSLY, there are great similarities.

  2. Yes. Because the only way to stop a school shooting is to CARE FOR THEM. Obviously they will drop the weapon and surrender. They will not, in any circumstance, *shoot* the *unarmed* CSA’s and continue the mass shooting until police officers arrive, resulting in many, many more lives being lost. 🙄
    Yup. Sounds reasonable! Sounds almost like we shouldn’t be making decisions like that. 🤔


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