Western Albemarle High School Assault

Jennifer Sublette, principal at Western Albemarle High School, sent the following notice of a student having been assaulted in the school’s parking lot this afternoon:

From: Western Albemarle High School
Date: May 17, 2023 at 5:42 PM EDT

Subject: Security Update from Western Albemarle High School

Dear Members of our School Community,

At approximately 3 p.m. this afternoon, we learned of an incident that occurred in our parking lot in which one of our students left our building to, apparently, meet a car that had pulled into the lot.  As confirmed by our security cameras, three people left the vehicle and assaulted the student.  Both our student and the vehicle fled the scene, separately.

We notified the police, who immediately responded, and we assisted them in locating our student off campus.  The police contacted a rescue squad and our student is receiving medical care.  We are closely working with law enforcement to assist their investigation of this incident, which includes doing everything possible to identify the perpetrators of this assault.

We are reaching out to our student and family to offer support. 
A number of our students were witnesses to this event and we will also be reaching out to them to offer assistance, as we know such an event is disturbing to observe.  If your student has information about this incident, please contact any member of the WAHS administration or use our Anonymous Alert system to share information.


Jennifer Sublette, Principal

This is a developing story; updates to follow as available.


  1. Anyone interested in taking a bet or suspects description? I got a $20 blll that says it was a POC. Any takers?

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