Schilling Show and Hung Cao raise ire of Virginia’s Democrat Party

A recent Schilling Show appearance by US Senate candidate, Hung Cao, has badly rankled the Democrat Party of Virginia (DPVA).

In a July 24 press release, DPVA Chair, Susan Swecker took aim at Cao for his Godly pro-life stance:

RICHMOND, VA – After launching his Senate campaign last week, failed U.S. House candidate Hung Cao wasted no time reminding Virginians that he opposes a woman’s right to choose. In a recent appearance on the Rob Schilling Show, Cao reiterated that he supported the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade:

[33:50] Rob Schilling: And speaking of the Democrat Party, I’m not sure if you’ve seen this, but I’d imagine you probably have. The Democrat Party of Virginia Chairwoman’s statement on Hung Cao’s announcement. And they go down this big laundry list of all the positions that you take, and while they try to portray it negatively, every single one of them is a good thing. […] And I’d like to start out with the right to life, because they call you a, quote unquote, “anti-choice extremist” […]

[34:18] Hung Cao: That’s great. I’m pro-life. I’m not gonna hide behind it. I spent 30 years protecting American lives. And, so that’s my stance. […] Also, but look, the Supreme Court already made the decision that this belongs to the states. This is where it belongs. And I’m not gonna go against the Supreme Court.

“In tripling down on his extremism, Hung Cao reminded voters that he would be an automatic vote for a national abortion ban. He belongs nowhere near the U.S. Senate,” said Susan Swecker, DPVA Chairwoman.

Last year, Hung Cao said he was “thrilled” that Roe v. Wade was overturned and compared abortion to the Holocaust. Polling shows that an overwhelming majority (71%) of Virginians believe abortion should be legal.

As Chair of the Party of Death, Swecker’s position is not surprising; however, in asserting a “woman’s right to choose,” her refusal to describe what a woman is actually “choosing” to do is at least disingenuous, if not fully duplicitous.

Swecker’s deliberate omission speaks a thousand words.

DPVA attacks Hung Cao and pre-born children


  1. Life cannot be alienated therefore states cannot make the decision about abortion. Just like slavery.

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