Daily Progress impugns Dr. Haas The Schilling Show

A screen cap (green type and box added) from the Daily Progress web site, August 15 at 7:24 PM.

Dr. Haas, who knew?

Daily Progress impugns Dr. Haas The Schilling Show

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  1. Dr. Haas has lit the house on fire and it will be ashes when he finally leaves or is removed.

    This photo capture highlights so many ACPS wrongdoings. Children do not have transport to their schools, yet this photo was from a puff-piece last year about school tranportation how Haas would help out in a pinch. Yet, transportation is needed more than ever. How about taking on a route all year long, and take your over paid spokesperson Phil Giaramita and put him to work driving? That’s be two routes covered and eight to go.

    Instead, its a disaster brought on by the malfeasance of Haas. Equity and diversity are the devils here that Haas and the School Board pray to. Wouldn’t equity be providing all students with transportation? ACPS fails to recognize this inequity.

    A student in the north of the county commented to me that transportation had been cut for his household, yet ACPS was still charging the same student $35 for a student parking permit. Hypocrisy!

    Haas, please sweep yourself out of ACPS.

  2. When a school superintendent is cleaning a bus to “pitch in,” it means the school superintendent is incompetent. No more; no less.


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