Del. David Toscano has a problem, and he’s asking for your help.

You see, the Delegate is morally challenged. Most recently, he was among a minority of Delegates who voted NO on HB 2314, a bill which prevents the Superintendent of State Police from regulating the religious content of prayers offered by its chaplains at police-sponsored events. In other words, these chaplains were prohibited by order of Governor Tim Kaine, from praying “in Jesus’ name.”

Apparently Del. Toscano feels that the State should regulate prayer content. Why are you so threatened by the name of Jesus, Del. Toscano?

But, Toscano’s moral confusion does not end there. Now, our Delegate is faced with a terribly difficult moral dilemma, for which he is seeking your advice (i.e. political cover from his pro-abortion constituents). The man who incongruously does everything he can to assist with adoption-related issues (a noble cause) while supporting the pro-abortion agenda at every opportunity (“Preserving the Constitutional right of reproductive choice,” in Toscano-speak), is confused on how to vote regarding the special issuance of a “Choose Life” license plate for Virginians.

Here is an excerpt from Del. Toscano’s February 19 Legislative Report:

Finally, my poll of the day. Before us is a bill that will establish a new license plate that says “Choose Life” for those who want it. Monies from the purchase of the plates will go to Heartbeat International, a 501(c)(3) organization which is considered “pro-life.” Let me know what you think by responding to

As an adoption proponent, Del. Toscano, where do you think adoptable babies and children come from? Of course, for the most part, they come from parents who for a variety of reasons are unable raise them. What if the parents of these children selfishly chose abortion instead of adoption? There would be far fewer babies available for adoption and far greater numbers of babies aborted. Would that be a good thing, Del. Toscano?

Del. Toscano trusts us enough to let us choose death for unborn children, if we feel that choice is in our best interest. However, he’s unsure if he can trust us to “choose” a “Choose Life” license plate for our cars?

Call Del. Toscano’s office and help him straighten his moral compass: (434) 220-1660.


  1. I can almost understand his position on not wanting anyone to pray “in Jesus name” at any public event. If you don’t really know Him this can threatening, unfair and exclusive. Freedom of speech take a back seat if there is a chance someone may feel uncomfortable about Christianity. The truth has a way of making people uncomfortable. I believe there is power in Jesus name which means it can touch someone’s very soul. A pastor of mine used to say – the truth is true whether you happen to believe it or not. When truth meets darkness there is conflict. If there was no power in the name it would be no big deal.

    Choose Life. Where is the threat in those two little words. Unless of course you follow the money which will eventually lead you to the politicians.

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