At a March 3, 2009 “town hall” meeting with fellow Albemarle County Supervisor, Ann Mallek, Board Chair David Slutzky boldly asked a rather stupid question. Well, maybe the question wasn’t so stupid, but perhaps it was stupid to ask such a question at this place and in these times.

In any event, I’ll bet you can guess the response when Supervisor Slutzky queried the crowd to ascertain if they favor a(nother) tax increase. Popularly rejected multiple times in years past, this time, “Slutzky’s Surcharge” is being proposed in the middle of a recession and as thousands regionally have lost jobs or face reduced work hours.

In this amazing video clip (courtesy of Keith Drake, chair of Albemarle Truth in Taxation Alliance) Chairman Slutzky receives only a single raised-hand of support for his beloved tax hike. Mr. Slutzky then raises his own hand (seemingly out of sheer embarrassment) to support the lone loon. When an audience member challenges the dear leader to poll those opposed to “Slutzky’s Surcharge,” the Chariman relents and roughly forty hands are raised in opposition.

Maybe it was a stupid question, after all.

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