The proprietors of, web site for the Charlottesville Democratic Committee, once again appear to be playing intra-party favorites.

Last time around, mention of Chief Taliaferro’s campaign was absent from the Dem’s site nearly a week after his announcement to seek re-election. That is, until The Schilling Show blog called it to the public’s attention. Within hours after we reported the story, Taliaferro’s information was posted by the reluctant site purveyors.

So now, we’re curious as to the omission of a picture and reference to (Democrat) Sgt. Phil Brown’s+ campaign from the featured left sidebar at (although there is a small, non-linked text reference to him in the body of the page). The Daily Progress reported his entry to the race way back on March 6. Has the sidebar editior at not gotten the word about Phillip Brown’s candidacy? Or, in the words of Yogi Berra, is this “déjà vu all over again”?

Now that we’ve referenced this oversight, any bets on how long before the “omission” is corrected?

UPDATE: As of April 22, 4:30 PM, the site has been updated with Sgt. Brown’s photo and link. Glad you’re listening, C-ville Dems.

Cville Dems forgert Phil Brown


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