Sound the sirens! Dispatch the Dalmations! Julian Taliaferro, the empty fire suit in city hall, has committed a three-alarm rip-off. Believe it or not, the Chief has shanghaied Rob Schilling’s 2002 and 2006 Charlottesville City Council campaign slogan, “Common Sense Leadership,” and is now brandishing it on his own website banner.

To be fair, it’s doubtful that the Chief, himself, sparked this conflagration. More likely, the fuse was lit by campaign Captain, Tom “wake me when the meeting’s over” Vandever, or another abecedarian battalion member. But really, are their hoses that short? Are their detectors that decrepit?

It’s obvious that the empty fire suit has been thrown under the fire truck by his own party, and now he’s desperately groping for a campaign lifeline. It’s obvious that JT’s political career is hosed.

Let’s hope that this backburner is finally smoked-out at Charlottesville’s May 9 firehouse primary.

From Kendra Hamilton‘s and Julie Gronlund‘s lips to your ears, may the message be loud and clear: Julian Taliaferro, you’re FIREd.

Julian Taliaferro's 2009 campaign slogan
Julian Taliaferro's 2009 campaign slogan
Rob Schilling's 2002 and 2006 campaign slogan
Rob Schilling's 2002 and 2006 campaign slogan


  1. Dear Rob, That was a hot entry. I know I would have had greater
    respect for the former Fire Chief if he had run as a Republican
    or an independent. In a parallel universe, it is interesting to
    contemplate if the “empty suit” had run in 2006 as an independent
    or Republican. Who would the Democrats have nominated? When you
    think about it, the City Democrats owe Rob Schilling a round of
    applause for sending them a wake-up call to their organization and
    supporters. I am not sure that Schilling realizes what a catalyst
    for change his service to the City of Charlottesville has been for
    the Democratic Party in the city. Let’s hope that “The Schilling
    Show” will continue the reform process in the City and the County
    of Albemarle, especially among the Democrats and Democrat-leaning

  2. This is typical of the leadership in Charlottesville, copy other people’s ideas without really understanding them. He has said or done nothing to back up the slogan. “uh, well, uh, I can go along with that, uh, oh, but, I may have some concerns, uh, well, I’m in favor of getting more information, uh, well, I have no problem with that.”

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