Julian Taliaferro’s on a nostalgia kick, or so it seems from the joint postcard his (and Mike Baird’s) campaigns sent to hundreds of Charlottesville residents recently.

In this mailing, the Chief is shown standing with (a prominently pictured) Dave Norris in front of their 2006 “Say Yes to Charlottesville” yard sign. The card goes on to say: “Continue our thoughtful, dynamic, and caring leadership–for all the people of Charlottesville.

What does Taliaferro mean by using the word, our? Is he implying that he and Mayor Norris still are a “team,” or is he just using the Majestic plural or “royal” form of the word?

A cynic might posit that Taliaferro has hitched his wagon to the popular Norris “donkey” in hopes of tricking uninformed Charlottesville Democrats into thinking that their party’s “odd couple” is still a couple.

Breaking up is hard to do, Julian, but this union was sonorously shotgun inspired. Your brief marriage to Charlottesville’s rising red star, was one of convenience only. Dave delivered divorce papers on May 3, 2006.

And so, the smell of desperation continues to waft from the Taliaferro campaign, as powerbrokers and Taliaferro endorsers, Virginia, John, Mary Ann, “Bitsy,” et. al., see their decades-long, iron-fisted control of Charlottesville politics and policies vanishing in the smoke from a distant fire.



  1. I just had an inspiration. David “Making Charlottesville LESS
    Affordable” Norris wants to make C-VILLE over in the mold of
    contemporary Havana, Cuba. Let’s add the Cuban flag to a symbol
    of the “fair” ciy of Charlottesville and create a new flag for the
    city. We could hang it over City Hall. How could Kevin “Facts
    are different now that I am off Council” Lynch endorse Tally-
    fiasco? Has Kevin launched a new group, “Democrats for CHUMP
    Change”? Did the YMCA organizing group pay off Kevin for his vote
    on the lease/transfer of land? The direction the City of Charlottesville is heading reminds one of Havana. Perhaps our Mayor
    will gain insights about affordable housing from the Castro brothers?
    If he can travel to Ghana, why not Cuba? That would be a stimulus
    package for the Peace and Justice folks. Rob, please keep exposing
    the interlocking Lego blocks of corruption and City Committee Democrats.
    Where are the independent Democrats in Charlottesville? In the back of
    the bus?

  2. I have to admit that the use of the Taliafeero – Norris picture is one slick move. I can imagine Norris spending day and night calling people to disassociate himself. He has been careful not to openly support Szakos but everyone knows otherwise. He needs her in his stable of votes to override Huja and Brown in resisting his socialist plans to increase locally funded welfare programs. Of course Szakos will never bond with the Huja – Brown coalition, and, since she barely knows what town she’s in, Norris is counting on providing her with all of the information she needs to know – his info. Norris, Edwards and Szakos is block conceived behind the scenes, however, newcomers who are impressed with the Mayor’s carefully worded press releases will assume he supports his Vice-Mayor, Taliaferro. After all, isn’t that the reason he was chosen Vice-Mayor? NOT! Norris offered him that compromise seat until he could get rid of the tie-breaker and replace him with his own sheep. A major facet of Szakos’ “platform” is moving the Council meetings about the city, a long-discarded practice once used by the school board. That tells me Szakos may have been living here for a while but she wasn’t paying attention to anything but her navel.
    Taliaferro is using Norris as Szakos is using Obama. Ha, ha, ha.

  3. The postcard is somewhat ironic now. It contains the 2 losers of the 5 candidates. I always got the impression Baird was trying to ride Taliaferro’s coattails into office. I wonder if this backfired on Baird? Perhaps Baird’s campaign manager needed to distance them from the Talioferro campaign?

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