taliaferro-filmstripWell, Charlottesville’s real City Council election—the Democrat primary—is over. Councilor Julian Taliaferro, the “show” horse in a three-way race, must now spend his final months of council “service” riding off into the Charlottesville sunset under a cloud of Party-inflicted humiliation.

Difficult as it may be to envisage at this time, there are tangible benefits to tanking, Chief. In case they are not directly discernible, we’ve enumerated ten for your consolation (readers, please contribute your own):

10) You’re free to vote “Republican” once again.
9) You can stand tall in the company of conservative friends who previously scorned your temporary affiliation.
8) No more will 4 x 8 “Obama” yard signs sully your pristine “Grove Gardens.”
7) You can quit pretending “education” is your top priority.
6) You may freely ignore constituent requests as other Council Democrats have done for decades.
5) Now, you can tell City Manager Gary O’Connell what you really think of him.
4) You finally can sign the divorce papers presented you by Dave Norris on May 3, 2006.
3) Mrs. T’s four-year-long “honey-do” list is a-waitin’.
2) You now have plenty of time to “run” calls with CARS.

And the number one reason that Julian Taliaferro should thank Charlottesville Democrats for his demotion: After nearly 70 years on this planet, you’ve finally learned that: “When you lie down with dogs—you get up with fleas.”

Riding off with the Chief is the “Empty Fire Suit” theme, produced especially for The Schilling Show. If this song, chronicling the Chief’s ponderous musings over myriad issues, doesn’t bring a nostalgic tear to your eye, then you’re simply not human!



  1. These are wonderful reasons for the Chief to thank the C-Ville
    Democrats. Could he take an ad to thank them in the print media?
    Let’s try some more reasons:
    11) The two Vice-Mayors, the Chief and Meredith Richards, can
    commiserate on not becoming Mayor by being overthrown by
    factions within the City Democrats. Perhaps, the Chief
    and Meredith could schedule a farewell tour on one of the
    newly scheduled Amtrak trains in the fall or a City fire
    12) After THIRTY YEARS of making up his mind, the Chief can
    tell us where he REALLY stands on the Meadowcreek Parkway.
    13) The Chief can now become an Ambassador to one of Char-
    ottesville’s sister cities. He can have his pick, except
    for the one in France – that’s Caravati’s.
    In a few months, if not now, it’s crying time again, Chief,
    we are going to miss your NON-presence. I can hear Ray Charles
    right now ….

  2. Let's show some respect for SP5 Taliaferro, a highly decorated Vietnam veteran. I served in Julian's unit in Vietnam and he was one fine soldier. One of the best.

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