In a recent photo essay, The Schilling Show blog chronicled apparent waste of valuable, taxpayer-funded resources (books, overhead slides, instructional materials, etc.) by Albemarle High School staff, teachers and/or administrators, as these items, many of them in perfectly usable condition, were disposed of wholesale into a Van der Linde Recycling container on school grounds.

Here are additional, detailed photos of Albemarle High School’s educational “refuse:”

But, the elements displayed above were not the only concerns lingering in an open dumpster for any and all to peruse. Scores of handwritten student journals resided there as well, many of them containing racially, sexually, socially, criminally, and personally sensitive information—stories that in the wrong hands, could be detrimental to a student’s reputation, personal safety, or future endeavors.

For ancillary dimension, included are several dubious instructor remarks regarding the students’ “essays,” as presented in the journals: the seemingly obligatory (for liberal, government-school educators) derogatory “George W. Bush” commentary; a nod toward legalized marijuana; and flippant dismissal of a student’s elucidated church encounter with the Holy Spirit.

In order to protect identities, the names of+ journal authors, specific classes, teachers, and referenced students have been expunged.

In reviewing these highly personal student writings, however, one might ponder: Does Albemarle County Public Schools have a privacy policy regarding the disposition of student writings, and if so, was policy followed in this case? If no such policy exists, then perhaps its time has come.

Albemarle County School Board, may we suggest a supernumerary agenda item for your next meeting?


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