Recently, we reviewed the saga of highly personal and potentially inflammatory Albemarle High School student journals being disposed of openly in a school dumpster.

This blatant breach of student privacy prompted many still unanswered questions:

Does Albemarle County have a privacy policy regarding student writings?

Was there a policy breach in the disposal of these journals?

Has there been administration-level or school board-level discussions on the story we brought to the public’s attention?

While the answers to these have not been publicly disclosed, recent surveillance photos of the suspect dumpster at Albemarle High, show that county school officials are monitoring and responsive to policy deficiencies unearthed on The Schilling Show and The Schilling Show Blog.

No longer do classroom compositions appear to be overtly abandoned for perusal by prying eyes. It now seems, and properly so, that all such items are being shredded prior to disposal.

Though you’d be pained to admit it, Albemarle County Schools, we’re glad you’re listening.

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