perriello-filmstripOur Fifth District Congressman, Tom Perriello, has been lavish in his use of “Federal” funds in order to “buy” votes for the 2010 election. The Daily Progress, in particular has published numerous and glowing puff pieces on Tom’s taxpayer-bankrolled open wallet.

Since his assumption of office in January 2009, “Pandering Tom” has worked a double shift in Washington, not for the people of the Fifth District, but for himself and his political future, securing all of the Federal “pork” he can, without regard for its necessity or, most importantly, for the source of the millions of disposed dollars: The United States Taxpayer. (This, the same U.S. Taxpayer who’s recently borne a multi-trillion dollar debt burden so that Perriello and his cronies can sprinkle around a few “pennies” on every tax dollar — while consuming the rest —in hopes of earning the undying allegiance of the uniformed public.)

Now comes Tom Perriello’s most transparent vote pandering scheme yet. In a recent communication to the Charlottesville Area Association of Realtors (CAAR), Tom asked the Association to pander for him, as validated in the following CAAR request sent to members via email on July 6:

We have had a request from Congressman Tom Perriello’s office for which we need your help! The Congressman is trying to get the word out about the $8000 federal tax credit for first-time homebuyers and how beneficial it is. They’re looking to have a press conference/event here in Charlottesville next Monday, July 13th – they had one in Danville a few weeks ago that was a great success.

We’re looking for clients of yours who recently purchased a home and were specifically helped by the $8000 tax credit. Were they on the fence till the credit came along? Were they trying to buy but needed the credit to go that last mile? That’s who we’re looking for. If you have a client who is willing to go on camera and talk about the positive effects of the tax credit – and is available to do so on Monday, July 10th in the morning – please drop me an email or give me a call. This is a great opportunity to get the word out in the local community about this great benefit and maybe get the market moving a little more!

Maybe it’s nothing new that a United States Congressman would stoop to this level of intimidation. But local, non-partisan Associations like CAAR, should not be asked to do Congressman Perriello’s self-promotional+ “dirty work” for him. Such organizations can hardly say “no” to a request from their Federal representatives, since these groups rely on their relationships with Congressmen and Senators to protect and promote their own business interests.

“Pandering Tom’s” attempt to purchase patronage in advance using OUR money and OUR gullible (but possibly well-meaning) neighbors is an outrageous and blatant abuse of his office, but sadly, it is what we have come to expect from our freshman Congressman.

In considering this attempt, and Perriello’s previous efforts to “sell out” America, the prophetic words of Benjamin Franklin come to mind:

“When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.”

You were right, Ben. Apparently, that time has come.

Thanks for the extra nail in America’s coffin, Tom, it’s just what we needed.


  1. “…That’s who we’re looking for.”

    The second paragraph of the Periello Perpetual Re-Election Campaign communique calls to mind one of those posters with the tear-off phone numbers one sees tacked to a utility pole on Emmet Street: “Looking for a few good softball pitchers of the real estate persuasion ! Can you lob a slow one right over the plate for Tom ? Drop me an email or give me a call !”

  2. Just as Perriello tried to associate himself with the new start-up’s recent government contract, he’s trying to associate himself with the $8,000 giveaway. The real estate industry has been advertising the $8,000 tax credit for a while and I’m sure most, if not all, agents inform their buyers about it, so it’s totally unnecessary and thus self-serving for Perriello to spend his time on “public service” announcements. Oh, that’s right, Gov. Kaine is informing us about the flu, in between his out-of-state trips.
    If the government was giving away free suppositories, I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw Perriello holding up the package next to his cheek and saying, “We’re everything to you,” as he slowly grins.

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