Hot on the heels of bald-faced lie #1 in which she publicly “promised” to “never attack Rob Bell personally” and then promptly violated that commitment, Democrat Cynthia Neff is at it again. This latest aspersion appears in the pages of the 10/28/09 Daily Progress.

Neff, who seeks to represent the 58th District in Virginia’s House of Delegates, plays fast and loose with the facts in a whiny letter to the editor, defending a despicable mailer, laced with inappropriate sexual-innuendo, in which her campaign personally attacked the character of Rob Bell.

Here is the concluding paragraph to Neff’s letter :

“I feel compelled to address The Progress’s suggestion that we “debate the issues.” I have tried to get Rob Bell to debate the issues with me and he has refused, which was discussed in a lengthy article in this very paper.”

Cynthia Neff
Albemarle County

But, there’s one big problem, Cynthia, Rob Bell actually did debate you. He did so on The Schilling Show, in an open format over the course of 45 minutes. The debate date was Tuesday, October 13. Did you not deem this event worthy of mentioning (because it would have blunted the “punch line” of your missive)? Or have you conveniently forgotten that you were present for that discussion?

Cynthia, your previous peccadillo+ may have driven the final nail into the coffin of your political career, but this one has sealed your sarcophagus in a concrete vault from which your campaign will never emerge.

Once again, and perhaps even more obviously: Cynthia Neff, You Lie!

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