On 10/13/09 Cynthia Neff and Rob Bell, candidates for the Virginia House of Delegates 58th District Seat, appeared jointly on The Schilling Show to discuss issues and their respective campaigns.

Near the end of the program, a caller asked the candidates if they would promise to refrain from negative campaigning (audio clip posted below).

Democrat Neff responded in part:

“If a positive campaign means always telling the truth and never attacking Rob Bell personally, absolutely.”

A few days later, Neff dropped a deceptive and disingenuous mail piece, which personally attacked Rob Bell and his character by comparing him to a philanderer:

“It’s like a cheating husband who sends flowers to cover up what he’s done.”

The mailer contains further sexual innuendo such as:

“…Rob Bell is in bed with special interests and lobbyists.”

Cynthia Neff, you should be ashamed of yourself. But, obviously, you have no shame. Cynthia Neff, you should have exercised better judgment, but obviously, you have no judgment.

In making a “promise” to the voters of the 58th District, you told a bald-faced lie and thus, you have driven the final nail into the coffin of your irrelevant campaign.

Each moment of each day, from now through November 3, let this be the electorate’s constant refrain: Cynthia Neff, You Lie!

Hear Cynthia Neff’s on-air lie:


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