In a series of emails exclusively obtained by The Schilling Show, Cynthia Bruce, president of the Scottsville Chamber of Commerce, is standing firm behind embattled supervisor, Chris Dumler.

Dumler, who represents the Scottsville Magisterial District on the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors, recently pled guilty to misdemeanor sexual battery after being charged last fall with forcible sodomy.

Bruce mounts a stiff defense of Dumler based on speculation that his detractors have been politically motivated and “from one party only.” She also intimates that Dumler may be innocent of the charges and pled guilty only because he could not afford “$100,000 for a defense,” a theory recently espoused by Dumler supporter and suspected drunk driver, Cynthia Neff.

Supervisor Dumler was sentenced to one year in jail with all but 60 days suspended. He is slated to serve 30 non-consecutive days (weekends only) beginning in March, at the local poky (Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail).

Read President Bruce’s email exchange in defense of Chris Dumler:

#1: Scottsville resident writes to Bruce

To: Cynthia Bruce <>
Sent: Feb 2013
Subject: Re: Dumler

Please ask him to resign.

#2: Bruce responds to resident

From: Cynthia Bruce <>
Sent: Feb 2013
Subject: Re: Dumler

Thank you for your concern regarding Scottsville District Board of Supervisor Chris Dumler in light of his recent plea to a misdemeanor. We believe that Mr. Dumler’s representation and work ethic as our representative on the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors has been exemplary. However, the Scottsville Community Chamber of Commerce is a business organization with no political affiliations. Per our by-laws we cannot endorse any candidate or party for public office. Though many calling for Mr. Dumler’s resignation do so in the name of morality, it is very apparent that a great deal of political motivation is also involved. Scottsville Community Chamber of Commerce members are supporters of both political parties, therefore we do not feel we should take a side on this issue. There is a legal system that is in place to address the concerns of those who wish to change the situation.


Cynthia Bruce
Scottsville Community Chamber of Commerce
Tel: (434) 286-2218

#3: Scottsville resident writes back to Bruce

To: Cynthia Bruce <>
Sent: Feb 2013
Subject: Re: Dumler

Chris Dumler was convicted of a felony, but copped a plea, so that he would not be forced to confront his own morality with a resignation. This has nothing to do with politics. It has everything to do with conscience and morality. To hurt another human being(s) is beyond continuous trust.

I just hope he does not have pets.

Thank you for your response. I don’t know how I can feel safe in Scottsville anymore.

#4: Bruce responds again to resident

From: Cynthia Bruce <>
Sent: Feb 2013
Subject: Re: Dumler

He was not convicted of a felony – he was accused of one. If he had been convicted, he would have been ineligible to serve, and thus removed. As to the politics, we came to our conclusion that politics most certainly were involved, based on the sheer number of members of one party, and one party only, calling for his resignation. If you are a member of the other, you are one of very very few.

We currently have, serving on the US Supreme Court, Justice Clarence Thomas who has also quite a controversial past, yet he has served the public well. Our legal system is in place so that once a member of our society has completed their sentence, they may resume their place in it with as much dignity as possible. I believe that the act of sodomy is a crime in Virginia, whether originally consensual or not. His plea is an admission to the act, which by and of itself, is not rape.

Many studies show that sadly, over 20% of all those incarcerated are actually innocent, but have chosen to take a plea for reasons not the least of which includes the financial impossibilities of defending themselves. A trial of this sort is estimated to be near $100,000 for a defense. I am not suggesting Mr. Dumler is innocent – that is for courts to determine, only that there are most definitely 2 sides to this story, and BASED SOLELY on his service the past year, we believe Mr. Dumler to be an exemplary BOS member, who has the best interest of the Scottsville business community at heart.

I can attest to the fact that Scottsville remains the quaint and safe small town we all love so much.


Cynthia Bruce
Scottsville Community Chamber of Commerce
Tel: (434) 286-2218

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  1. Totally amazing, yes, the Republican tracked down each woman he had sex with. Their soul purpose was to ruin this man life. Please give us a break.

  2. Nah, area58 – it’s more insidious than that. All Dumlers victims were actually Republican plants; it’s a sting; a vast right wing conspiracy! LOL.

    Dumler’s defenders want to bring politics into this and it’s absolutely repugnant! They cravenly throw his sexual abuse VICTIMS under the bus.

    Hey Cynthia Bruce – how is Chris Dumler’s sexual abuse of young women good for Scottsville’s business community?

  3. For dyed in the wool Democrats, it can’t be anything but politics. Morality never enters their mind.

    It’s a shame the Democrat party, that Cynthia Bruce obviously belongs to, doesn’t represent morality and compassion for victims of sexual predators.

  4. Hey Area58, a few questions:
    1. What is “the Republican”? Is that anythink like The Borg?
    2. What objective evidence do you have that this so-called “Republican” actually “tracked down” all of Dumler’s sex partners? How are you able to verify this extensive detective work?
    3. What is a “soul purpose”? Is it something religous? I’m not familiar.
    4. Are you literate in any way? By your post the answer would be “no.”

  5. I have no idea which party he is with or care! What he did is a black eye to Scottsville and Albemarle County! I for one would not feel comfortable attending a county meeting, how fair is that? He needs to go!

  6. For someone who does not believe that they should take sides in this you sure are vocal in your support, Ms. Bruce. I am sure that Scottsville residents are not thrilled to have a convicted sexual batterier to represent their town and it is certainly not the type of publicity that the small town needs to have as they develop their business plans and renovation of the town itself. Do everyone a favor, Mr. Dumler, and do what is best for Scottsville, RESIGN. If it is not politics involved why does he stay he can not conceivably believe that he benefits the Scottsville district with his personal issues(how effective could he really be(abstaining and sensored not to mention the charges brought against him) and if he truly had what is best for Scottsville in mind not his own self then he would bow out. As for not being able to afford a lawyer he is one does he not have any friends in his chosen profession? And the big question if the petition is not a problem for Mr. Dumler and he would sign it himself to show how insignificant it is then why hasn't he?

  7. when one take the time and review everything that has been written in favor of keeping him on the board. Someone alway mention it is the other party trying to get him throw out. it is easier for anyone to blame the republican party because they usually just keep quiet. if they speak up than they are speaking with fork tongue. I do know that Dumler is going to be there 2 1/2/ yrs from now because under current state code, there is nothing the citizen or board can do. He took a plea because being a lawyer he know the system and how to use the system to benfit himself. Not the citizens who live in the Scottsville District.He is setting a very good example for the borderline predator, he is setting a very bad example of potential victims, if speak out, public opinion throw you under the bus. I deal with too many predators in my job before I retired and they all basiclly have the same mind set. It is easy to set back and Bruce, Neff of world to go around jacking their jaw on how he is getting a raw deal. Yet but is anyone stepping up and asking us to pray for the victims who now have to live with the shame of what has happen to them. How do you come to terms with that. I deal with victims of these type of crimes and some are to move on and other just become down right disfuncation for rest of their lives. He should step down or ask to hold a special election and ask for a vote of confidence. But he doesn’t have to because he know that there is no one to force him to do it.Yes I deal with both victims and predator of these type of crimes for too long. Sometimes I could shower enough. So where do go next?

  8. This is all so crazy to me. I hope this lunacy doesn't prevent others from standing up to their abusers.

    I invite each of you to volunteer time to SARA, get trained to answer the hotline, hear the pain and GUILT of the survivors and I promise NEVER again will any of you be ignorant enough to say any man, woman or child would put themselves through the emotional trials for POLITICAL reasons.

    I appreciate Ms Bruce's personal opinion and far be it for me to try to change her mind, but I would like to remind her gently that HE said he was guilty of a sex crime.
    He chose the degree of conviction. There are not two (2) sides but four(4) Mr. Dumler's and three survivors. Just saying.

    I don't know any of the survivors, I don't know Mr. Dumler, I am not affiliated with any political party, I am in his voting district.

  9. Everyone look up RAPE CULTURE! That is what is behind this whole ordeal. This man needs to go to jail for at least a year. Violent rapist.

  10. I just can't understand it…actually based on what a judge said to me a couple of months ago…actually I do! People like Dumler, because they are who they are…according to the judge, these people are infalable! They never lie and certainly would not commit a crime like such!

  11. To compare Chris Dumler to Clarence Thomas is an outrage, Cynthia Bruce needs to resign as president of the Scottsville Chamber of Commerce. Her comments are beyond the pale. When is the protest against her? I will be there. Unbelievable.

  12. Hi, I just want to dispel the rumors that everyone calling for Dumler’s resignation is from one party. I may be planning on going to the BOS with a issues that is traditionally supported by Democrats. That said, I started the FB page calling for Dumler’s resignation. Why? Because it is impossible for me to make a plea to an admitted sex offender in the interest of my own political agenda.

  13. To compare Chris Dumler to Clarence Thomas is an outrage

    What Thomas was accused of and what Dumler has pleaded guilty to are incommensurate, but the reactions of their defenders are not. Both sides look for reasons to think their man is innocent.

  14. 100,000 for a trial? As a former defense attorney, having practiced in this community, I can tell you absolutely not. Defense against charges for murder can cost that or considerably less. Plus we have an esteemed and competent Public Defender's Office and court-appointed attorneys available as well. Something Dumbler would know, as an attorney.

  15. Putting someone in a cage won't stop rape culture. As a prison abolitionist, I think it is cruel genocide, but at the very least, it is lazy. We need integrative methods of community accountability, I think, that eradicate rape culture at the root, and compel assaulters to actually change their behavior, not just suffer for it (though putting them down like dogs and cats whose only crime was being born in a speciesist world wouldn't be the worst thing that has happened)…

  16. sometimes no matter how hard you try, just can’t change someone behavior. Prison were designed to put the evil individuals away. they were not designed for the numbnuts of world, the individuals who do stupid things. Blue Ridge Killer is now at Central State because of being a sexual predator. He feel women are put on this earth to servce him. after age of 25 it is hard to get someone to change their way of thinking. No matter how hard you try. Some individuals are just hardwired differnetly and march to their rules, not like rest of us do. Even third world country have prison, because they realize, they are too dangerous to have in neighborhood. If you are talking about cruel genocide, what would abortion be? How do you compel assaulters to change their behavior when they feel that they have not done anything wrong.

  17. Well maybe there is hope for this country after all. I see people from very diverse cultures coming together to state “rape and sexual abuse is unacceptable”.

    Now if we can get past our differences and force that kind of morality and accountability on the elected officials in DC I would really be hopeful.

    Thank you Rob for not letting this story die.

    Thank you Jamie for taking it to Dumler’s face. He’s obviously scared of you since he didn’t show.

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