Increasing public outrage over what has come to be known as the “Dumler situation,” has prompted big changes in the Charlottesville and Albemarle Democrats‘ February 16 joint-meeting plans.

Originally slated as a town-hall-style meeting, embattled Albemarle County Supervisor, Chris Dumler, was to be joined by fellow Supervisor and Albemarle County Board Chair, Ann Mallek, for the following program:


 Ann Mallek and Chris Dumler
County Supervisors

 The County’s Issues – Today & Tomorrow
What’s the status of development in the growth area?
Are we taking care of the rural areas?
What’s up with the Western Bypass?
Is there any help for traffic?
What will the big budget issues be this year?
How do we continue to fund our schools?

Elephantine internal discord has emerged over the proposed speaker lineup—in light of Chris Dumler’s recent conviction on sexual battery charges—and a last-minute “change in program” has been announced: the Dumler and Mallek show has left the building.

Instead, local Dems will spend their meeting mocking Virginia Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli, via a “staged reading” of his book, The Last Line of Defense: The New Fight for American Liberty.

The meeting will be held from 9:30 to 11:00 AM at CitySpace.


  1. Breaking News! Charlottesville and Albemarle County Dems remove Dumler as featured joint meeting speaker.

  2. ? Wasting taxpayer's dollars…aren't they supposed to work on the County of Albemarle? If someone can't be removed for whatever reasons – they still must do their job.

  3. Mr. Dumler may continue to assert his sexual battery conviction does not adversely affect his ability to do his job as Scottsville supervisor — but clearly he has become an ongoing liability for the regular operations of the Albemarle Democrats.

    First, the open meeting scheduled this week at the Gordon Avenue Library abruptly vanishes. Now we have the duo disappearing act of Dumler and Mallek from tomorrow’s event.

    One must wonder how long the local Democrat Party will play hide-and-seek in a vain effort to save face? To compound this, the upcoming court appearance by Albemarle County Democrats Vice-Chair Cynthia Neff for her DUI charge will only turn up the heat.

  4. should we feel sorry for the predator? He is not the only one who has had death threat made to. I have had them made to me when I was working full time. I know who the individuals are. I had death threat made to me when putting up Romney 4 x 8 signs here in Charlottesville. Just maybe if Dumler had step down the day of trial none of this might not have happen. As long as this stay in news, it is going to get worse. It is time for him to step down and let the community heal and move on. Until that happen the numb nuts of world include Dumler are on path that goes no where. We should feel sorry for the victims not Dumler.

  5. The fact that a death threat was made against Chris has not helped!!

    Helped what? The guy would have resigned by now if someone hadn’t threatened him?? What a ridiculous comment.

  6. Sorry, I meant to make that last post as myself. Cooch is a joke and extremely easy to mock. If only he had a sex crime conviction, it would be case closed, no one would vote for him. In fact, I would readily petition for his resignation.

  7. Oh, I see what’s going on here: Jedi Mind Tricks! The Democratic Committee, instead of cancelling their original program with Mallek & Dumler because they were afraid of the negative press that the Occupiers, disgruntled Dems and Independents, and GOP and Tea Party-types all swarming at their meeting chanting “Down With Dumler”, they simply change the program, and put the focus on Cuccinelli. “These are not the supervisors you are looking for.” Vice Chairman Neff, facing her own hearing for a DUI this coming Tuesday February 19 at 9:30 a.m. at the County Courthouse, NOW claims that Dumler’s life has been threatened. Really? Was this reported? Is it under investigation? Did Dumler approve your post herein? We need to change the leadership of the Party! If women can’t unite against a sexual offender in their midst, and worse yet, defend him, then the gains we have made in the sex abuse arena have been pushed back decades by our very own!

  8. thank you Ken. he is not going to resign. when I had death threat made to me last fall. As police officer asked me, did I feel threaten. I got asked the same questions. For the state agency I worked for I got death threat. Same question — did I feel threaten. In a predator mind it is a game of who I can place the blame on and shift the attention. He needs to quit, resign before something bad really happen.We need to more on and let the victim heal. With mess on news and internet they are not going to heal.

  9. I attended the meeting this morning, and I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that Dumler’s name wasn’t mentioned until it was raised by protesters. As the meeting began a young man and woman stood in a front corner of the room holding dramatically shaded black and white signs displaying Dumler’s face and the word “rapist.” It was a safe bet that they weren’t going to remain silent for long, but they stood quietly for awhile and everyone ignored them until one of the speakers opened the floor for comments and questions and called on the young man, who had raised his hand. When the young man then politely tried changing the subject, stating that the the Dumler situation needed to be addressed, the gentleman who’d opened the meeting got all hot under the collar, as if he hadn’t anticipated the interruption. Perhaps the two had spoken earlier and the protesters had agreed not to be disruptive, I don’t know. Anyhow, he angrily asked them to leave, and they left the room, followed by reporters.

    Dumler’s name wasn’t spoken again until it was spoken by another polite protester, this one wearing a nose ring, as the meeting was breaking up. She was then joined by the other woman, who spoke with more heat, and an angry back and forth ensued between the two protesters and members of the crowd who seemed to think that rapists are fit to serve in county government as long as they serve weekend jail sentences. At least that’s the only defense I heard.

    Perhaps it was the weather, perhaps it was the elephant in the room, but I found the whole gathering a little grim. As a lifelong Democrat I don’t like Ken Cuccinelli one bit, but the cluelessness on display at points was pretty depressing. If-you-oppose-funding-rec-centers-then-you-might-as-well-oppose-funding-schools is not an intelligent argument. How-could-anyone-who’s-not-rich-vote-Republican-? is not an intelligent question. I wish everyone who speaks out at political meetings, and everyone who calls the Schilling Show, would read Jonathan Haidt’s book “The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion.” We all need to make a good faith effort to understand our opponents. Then, and only then, should we have at their positions.

  10. Ken:
    I am glad to heard from individual who was at meeting. Local news was not to clear on what really happen. I have read the Jonathan Haidt’s book, it been awhile. I need to see if I still have my copy and re-read it again.
    As someone who see himself as average or as my Pastor tell me, I am realist. I find the being in middle of both the left and right disgusting at time. But from someone who has had the city try and bury me with regulations, I understand how both sides feel. I am in process of replacing my hand made signs — The First Admentment is for everyone, not just for the chosen fews. And the other one “Worship your faith not your politics.” Both side of the fence still get upset and I still have someone from the city zoning office drive by to check. It is beyond time for Dumler to step down. The longer this goes on the uglier this going to get. It is too point where cooler head need to step in and say enough is enough. Ken maybe it time to say to hell with both party! Again thank you for telling us what you saw.

  11. That was a really interesting post, area. I tend to be left of center politically, but I’ve also debated many progressives on social issues. I’m sorry the city’s hassling you about your signs, but it’s great that you’ve read the Haidt book. I need to read again myself. I have to wonder, though, if time isn’t on Dumler’s side. He may ride out the storm.

  12. Yes from the very beginning time has been on his side. So far his team is following the predator handbook chapter per chapter.

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