perriello-filmstripHot on the heels of protesters being declared “persona non grata” at Democrat Congressman Tom Perriello’s Charlottesville office, “Pandering Tom” Perriello has sent a blatantly debasing mailer to Virginia’s 5th District constituents—one that is dripping with irony in light of recent events surrounding police-enforced access limitation to the Congressman’s office.

Smelling blood in the water of his own political swimming pool, the boy-Congressman’s mail piece appears designed to directly and specifically solicit “business” from government-dependent 5th District residents with boldly proclaimed implorations:

“Learn About Constituent Services That Tom’s Office Provides”


“Learn How Congressman Tom Perriello’s Office Can Help You”

The flier’s interior spread promulgates a vast smorgasbord of constituent “service” selections that are indubitably designed to “buy” votes for the one-term-wonder Congressman in 2010:

Services For Seniors: We can help with lost or delayed Social Security checks, applications for Supplemental Security income, questions about the Medicare prescription drug benefit program or Medicare eligibility.

Help For Taxpayers: We can help obtain unclaimed federal tax refunds and offer casework assistance for problems with the IRS.

Assistance For Veterans: We can help with an existing VA claim, a service- or separation-related issue or awards you have earned but not received.

Help With Academy Nominations: I can nominate students from the 5th congressional district, based on merit, for admission to the nation’s military academies.

Assistance With Federal Grants: We can help locate grants for your organization and send letters in support of grant applications.

Washington Tours And Flag Requests: We can arrange tours of the U.S. Capitol, Library of Congress and Supreme Court. The D.C. office can also handle requests for American flags that have been flown over the U.S. Capitol.

Internship Opportunities: We offer internships to college students interested in learning more about the legislative process. Interested students should contact the Washington D.C. office or visit our website.

Most ironic is the flier’s interior headline, which begins: “My door is always open to help…” Missing from that sentence is the asterisk noting that help is available only to people who are politically simpatico with Congressman Perriello. If you’re a political dissident (aka there to disagree with the Congressman’s position), you might well need Perriello’s help—to get out of jail.

Oh, and one last bit of irony (or maybe a swift kick in the pants), micro-type under the return address reads: “This mailing was prepared, published and mailed at taxpayer expense.

Just what we needed, Congressman Perriello: you spending more of our money in order to “buy” your way back into a seat that you were ill-equipped to hold in the first place.

Gee, thanks, Tom!



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