The Rivanna Solid Waste Authority (RSWA) knew they were hanging their hat on a flimsy hook when they bedded Richard Wade Kendrick as their “star” witness in the RICO lawsuit against Van der linde Recycling.

Kendrick’s long history of legal transgression and punishment was crowned by a December 10, 2009 extortion conviction. The extortee? His former boss, Peter Van der linde, owner of Van der linde Recycling.

In spite of Kendrick’s conviction (which should have been an embarrassment to the RSWA), the Association’s Executive Director, Tom Frederick, and RSWA board member, Charlottesville City Councilor, David Brown, insist they are on solid ground in continuing to pursue the Van der linde persecution.

Is the RSWA’s disgraced star witness worth the gamble of nearly $3 million in taxpayer and ratepayer funds, the estimated eventual public cost of the Authority’s lawsuit?

Here, for the first time publicly, is Richard Wade Kendrick’s rambling $90 thousand blackmail letter to Van der linde. Read the document (below) and draw your own conclusions.

If you’re convinced that the RSWA suit is unfounded:

  1. Sign the Drop the Van der linde lawsuit petition
  2. Call the RSWA and demand they drop the lawsuit: (434) 977-2976
  3. Email Charlottesville City Council:
  4. Email Albemarle County Board of Supervisors:

Tell the powers that be: Not in our name, not on our dime. Drop the Van der linde lawsuit.

Van Der Linde Extortion Letter


  1. “David Brown, insist they are on solid ground in continuing to pursue the Van der linde persecution.”
    Can anyone think of atime that David Brown assessed an issue with clear reasoning or just plain common sense? He’s always a puppet.

  2. From David Brown’s lips to Jonathan Blank’s ears (with apologies to James & Bobby Purify):

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