Exposing the international “climategate” scandal
by Dr. Charles Battig

The letter-to-the-editor format, Daily Progress December 6, 2009 “Investigate data behind global-warming theory,” could provide only a small peek behind the scenes of the current “climategate” scandal. The scientific doubts raised by the scandal make even more sense when statements by such scientists as Stanford Professor of Climatology Stephen Schneider: “we need to…capture the public’s imagination…so we have to offer up scary scenarios…make little mention of any doubts…and decide the right balance between being effective and being honest” are remembered. Mike Hulme is professor of climate change at the U.K. University of East Anglia, the source for these documents. He has invented the term “post-normal science” and applies it to climate change thereby making it no longer subject to skepticism, universalism, and disinterestedness—the hallmarks of traditional science. He also claims that the idea of climate change is so plastic that it can be used to serve many psychological, ethical, and spiritual needs. The Copenhagen Conference will put on display the rich range of these “needs.”

The current Copenhagen Climate Conference push makes its true objective more transparent when it is remembered that the supportive, U.N’s IPPC is largely the creation of Canadian oil magnate and U.N. bureaucrat, Maurice Strong. In 1972, he organized the Stockholm World Conference on the Environment in Sweden and the 1992 Rio Earth Day Summit, where Kyoto was conceived. In 1988, Strong was successful in forming the IPCC, not as a science seeking entity, but rather one devoted to validating the unproved premise that manmade CO2 caused dangerous global warming.+ This would then lead to his vision of a one-world government funded by taxing developed countries’ CO2 production and the spreading of wealth on a global scale.

The PowerPoint presentation “Climate Reality” represents an effort to bring together elements of historical climate data, basic science, scientific uncertainty, and political meddling into a coherent and educational story.+ Viewers are encouraged to form their own conclusions.

(To view the Powerpoint presentation, click the top of each slide picture to advance to the next slide.)

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