IMPACT is a resource for the terminally undertaxed. It provides an opportunity for citizens to pay additional taxes.


In these difficult economic times, local and state governments are not receiving the significant increases in revenues to which they have become accustomed. While many support raising taxes on everyone to continue tax revenue growth, others are simply not able to pay more: they’ve lost their jobs, work at reduced wages or are being furloughed, or are on a fixed income.

They’ve been taxed enough already.


Those who are able and want to pay more taxes—should. IMPACT provides an opportunity for those who support tax increases to”put their money where their mouth is.”


Make an IMPACT. Contribute as much as you want—no limits. Send your additional tax payments to:

2160 Viburnum CT
Charlottesville, VA 22911

or make your payment online.

At the end of every calendar quarter, IMPACT will send a payment of all monies received to Albemarle County, Charlottesville City, or Virginia state governments, as designated by the donor.

Since IMPACT is organized as a Political Action Committee under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, it has quarterly financial filing requirements, and the reports are public information.

You’ll be able to see every penny of each donation and how those donations are distributed to local and state governments.


  • Please write / enter “Albemarle,” “Charlottesville,” or “Virginia” in the memo field to designate where you want your additional tax payment to go.
  • Additional tax payments to IMPACT are considered political contributions for tax purposes, and are therefore *not* tax deductible.
  • IMPACT is a free service; 100% of donations made by check will be paid to local and state governments. A modest 5% service fee required by our merchant account vendor is applied to online donations. No donations will be used for any other purpose.

For more information about IMPACT and your opportunity to participate in rescuing local and state governments from impending budget doom, please visit them online and connect with them on Facebook.


  1. I think it is better to give one’s check directy to the “County of Albemarle” and designate it to go as a donation to the ACPS system or to a specific school. In this manner, 100% goes to our schools. If you donate through IMPACT using a credit card, you are immediately losing 6%. This is the equivalent of a $6 tax rate increase on your home e.g. 6% of $100 is $6. For instance, a donation of $370 through IMPACT would cost $22 in fees (6%) for a net donation of $348. By comparison, we are proposing a tax increase of 10.68 cents on each $100 which is only 0.1068%!

  2. Dear Dr. Kessler,

    Thank you for your concern. IMPACT recommends that people pay by check so as to avoid the credit card service charge, but the credit card option will work for some who prefer that convenience.

    Unlike donating by credit card, your proposed 10.68 cent tax increase is NOT an option. Veterinarians, college professors and other high-paid professionals may consider this proposed increase a small amount, but to average families, it is significant.

    Please encourage your friends to donate as you so generously have done.


  3. Great stuff. I’d like to expand your idea to universal tax coverage. I’d like to pool the tax burden of unfortunate small business owners with those who are clamoring to pay more. Only with universal tax reform can we pool the risk of those who escape paying taxes with those who are over burdened. Did you know that more people file bankruptcy because of taxes than medical problems?

    How about forming another group called IMPACTED (I’M Paying All the City/County/Commonwealth Taxes Everyone Deserves) and allow withdrawals?

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