2-head-barrick-thumbCharlottesville City spokesman, Ric Barrick, is paid a pretty penny in order to take the heat off of cowardly councilors, doltish department heads, and an AWOL City Manager. Those quivering invertebrate can take refuge in the muculent recesses of City Hall while Barrick, as the public face of Charlottesville government, catches the inevitable flack.

Lately, though, as tougher challenges have been posed regarding the operations of Charlottesville City Hall, Barrick has become increasingly evasive and obtuse in his inquiry responses.

Caught recently, on multiple occasions, speaking with a forked tongue, spokesman Barrick has clammed-up about who is supplying the (dis)information he disseminates.

When asked to clarify the source of an anonymous response he provided, cozener Barrick sought legal asylum in the City Attorney’s office.

Instead of divulging the stated information’s originator, Barrick tartly retorted:

From: “Barrick, Ric” <BARRICK@charlottesville.org>
February 11, 2010 07:04:58 PM EST Cc: “Brown, Craig”, “O’Connell, Gary” <oconnell@charlottesville.org>
Subject: Re: Fwd: Lobbyist– Resending in case you did not receive original transmission…

And in response to this question the City Attorney’s Office informs me that I don’t need to source informational questions from citizens and since it is not my practice up to this point I will not be providing that information going forward.

Barrick’s “fear-biting” response, apparently approved by both the City Attorney’s and City Manager’s offices indicates serious managerial dereliction inside Charlottesville City Hall and an obvious predisposition towards deception.

“We support an open and transparent government and will empower all members of the community to be active participants in shaping the decisions that affect us all.”— Charlottesville City Council 2020 Vision Statement


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