With little fanfare, former Charlottesville City Government mouthpiece, Ric Barrick, has finally decoupled from the public teat and slithered out the alley exit of City Hall, on his way to who knows where.

Barrick, an admitted public-records-destroyer, and an investigated bid-rigger, lost his high-paying Director of Communications gig after a one-year investigation by The Schilling Show uncovered shady dealings within Charlottesville City Hall—dealings instigated by Barrick.

While the sullied spokesman immediately resigned his position upon publication of the damning evidence against him last spring, astoundingly, he was granted alternate city employment through late 2012, by none other than Charlottesville City Manager, Maurice Jones, a fellow beneficiary of preferential hiring and institutional nepotism.

Ric Barrick leaves behind a relieved City Hall organization, a media establishment grateful for not having to interpret his challenged grammar or suffer his high-strung temperament, and a disgraceful legacy of immured corruption and absolutely imperforate incompetence.

Bye, bye, Barrick!


  1. That’s like asking who died and said hot is the opposite of cold. Words have meanings. Many have several meanings, but none mean just any old thing. Rob’s grammar is fine here. Those words just don’t mean what he seems to think they do.

    The larger issue, which Rob’s habitual and comical use of big words where little ones would do points to, is the intellectual level of the show. I don’t expect Rob to have liberal guests, although to his credit he occasionally does, but it would be nice if he invited conservatives who don’t divide the Republican Party into Tea Partiers and RINOs, and divide the country into fundamentalists and godless worshippers of the state. It would be nice, in other words, if the show wasn’t so insular, if it challenged and educated its base instead of reinforcing their smug self-righteousness with “political pornography” about liberal misdeeds. It would be nice if it featured fewer conspiracy theorists and climate change deniers (and less of a certain bitter caller who’s beginning to sound dangerous), and more real thinkers, people capable of arguing for conservatism without condemning liberals. In other words, if it didn’t confuse big words with smarts.


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