fat-freeCharlottesville Democrat City Councilor Kristin Szakos recently asserted of Charlottesville’s budget,”There’s no fat in it at all.”

A pork-laden budget and”no fat,” how can that be? Well, it can’t.

Councilor Szakos—who ran on a platform of continued fiscal responsibility—and her Democrat council counterparts actually have a huge incentive to bloat the budget: the more money they spend, the more votes they can “buy.” No doubt, it has been an effective strategy in maintaining Democrat machine control of Charlottesville City Hall.

But a cursory review of the budget reveals a liposuctor’s dream of abundant low-hanging fat: copious salaries, gratuitous Council initiatives, redundant departments, unconstitutional wealth redistribution schemes, to name but a few.

Here, for the benefit of Charlottesville City Council, is the budget homework they should have done—but did not.

Here, for the benefit of Charlottesville City Council, are the cuts they should have made—but never proposed.

And here, for the benefit of Charlottesville City Council, is the formula for saving their budget “bacon” in the hard times that lie ahead—although they are certain to discount it presently.

Click below to see $15 million in Charlottesville budget savings at full size:


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