Socialism_by_miniamericanflags_smCentral Virginia’s Albemarle County is a municipality like many others across the United States: It is relatively affluent and it spends an inordinate amount of confiscated citizen wealth (i.e. taxes) on funding government schools.

A recent series of public hearings on the Albemarle County budget brought forward a surprising number of local residents and government school employees who participated in a mass public plea for increased taxes on all Albemarle County citizens.

While several petitioners had undisclosed personal interests (as County Schools employees, and thus direct beneficiaries) in requesting higher Albemarle County taxes, a few of these did contribute additional monies to the system in order to show their own willingness to “support” government education.

Disturbingly, several parents trotted out minor children to overtly grovel at the Supervisors’ feet during these hearings, begging elected representatives to increase taxes on their adult friends and neighbors.

Children, who by and large do not pay taxes, bear no direct impact of the policies they were promoting, nor do they comprehend the usurpation of individual liberty that results from excessive taxation. It is therefore inappropriate for non-earning minors to urge government seizure of others’ assets.

Additionally, it is particularly offensive when a government-school-indoctrinated child uses contra-Constitutional concepts of distributive justice, globalism, environmentalism, socialism and pacifism to argue for higher taxes.

In what may be the single best argument against providing Albemarle County Schools with additional resources (if this is the result of a government school education), a local high school senior makes her case for higher taxes before the Board on March 31, 2010. Margie Shepherd would be proud!


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  1. And to think, this girl, with this head-full of globalist-statist mush, is going to be qualified to vote soon. [Shudder]

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