In America, and by design, “public” schools slowly have morphed into “government” schools—eschewing sovereignty through promotion of the neo-Marxist/Socialist agenda over American principles founded upon individual liberty.

This disquieting photo (see below), taken inside the office at Peabody Middle School in Petersburg, Virginia, subtly exemplifies artifacts of subversive educational indoctrination, and perhaps, institutional inscience.

The photograph shows a picture of President Barack Obama pasted over the Bill of Rights, with the headline, “The Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States,” exposed above the President’s head. Small fragments of text from the first Ten Amendments also are visible in the frame’s right margin.

It appears that in their haste to frame a picture of the 44th President of the United States, Peabody school administrators commandeered what they considered an unimportant, framed document (Bill of Rights) and inserted President Obama’s headshot.

While it is appropriate for government schools to prominently post a picture of the nation’s elected leader—if they do so consistently—to use the Bill of Rights as a framing mat for any president’s picture is an affront to America at-large and very specifically to those who sacrificed to preserve her freedoms.

What message will be received by gullible schoolchildren, already predisposed to historical ignorance? And for those with greater cognitive skills, does the portrayal not proclaim the Executive’s supremacy over the Bill of Rights?

A picture speaks a thousand words, and in this case, all of them are foul. Peabody Middle School’s base misappropriation of a sacrosanct foundational document is an embarrassment at best, and at worst, consummate proof that our government school monopoly is a clear and present danger to America’s future.


  1. It is only appropriate that the president who has the most distain for the constitution and who has stepped all over the “outdated” document should be shown as replacing it. After all, who needs a constitution when we have the great Obama to show us the way.

  2. Rob, the website posting on the picture ( is for identification purposes
    and promotion? I assume it wasn’t on the original,
    though it would make an excellent attack piece to the
    informed. Of course if you believe all rights are
    derived from the Executive Branch of the U.S. government…

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