Tea-Party-Assault-v2-posterThe Jefferson Area Tea Party’s 2010 Tax Day Tea Party event was a colorful affair—with homemade signs, flags and bright attire, it was a perfect slice of American patriotism.

But the color turned “blue” when leftist”Henry Lee” tipped his teacup. The angry liberal took great offense at a conservative (Rob Schilling) daring to wear long hair, and he was not shy in expressing his outrage.

After displaying multiple obscene hand gestures and spouting a profanity-laced verbal assault, Mr. Lee realized that it was probably time to go. However, he was trapped in the Cpl. Bradley T. Arms Post Office parking lot on tax day, and unfortunately for Henry, the vehicles surrounding him did not cooperate in his hastily attempted retreat.

As Charlottesville Police officers closed-in on “hothead” Henry, he reluctantly curbed his car and exited at officers’ request.

Henry Lee is either a good liar or has fried his brain in a previous decade as evidenced by his forthright denial of public profanity. When confronted with video evidence, Mr. Lee admits he was only exercising his”free speech.”

In a moment of conservative mercy on an addled liberal mind, the victim offered to refrain from pressing charges upon the condition that Henry Lee apologize on camera, which he did!

Enjoy this amazing videotaped assault and the subsequent reconciliation of the parties. But be forewarned, this exclusive footage contains explicit language and is suitable only for adults.


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  1. Great move, Rob… so glad you caught this on tape. And yet, this moron is also a long-hair! What’s up with that??

    He should be very grateful to you that you didn’t press charges.

    Funny how radical leftists are all full of bluster, right up until a cop makes them get out of their protective cocoons (in this case his Volvo), and make them face their victims. Then they’re as docile as sheep!

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