Brian “Lefty” McNeill’s “thing” for Democrat Congressman Tom Perriello continues to threaten the communication credibility of his journalistic habitat, aka the Daily Progress.

In the 8/22/10 edition of the Daily Perriello, McNeill pens a feature story on Virginia’s three 5th District Congressional candidates and their respective positions on the 14th Amendment. Amazingly, the slanted spread includes extensive quotes from every candidate—except Tom Perriello.

In fact, “Timid Tom” is cited only indirectly while the exact words of independent Jeff Clark and (especially) Republican Robert Hurt are referenced repeatedly by Lefty McNeill.

McNeill mostly hides the Congressman behind the skirt of his spokesman, Jessica Barba, who primarily attacks Hurt and provides no position of substance for incumbent Perriello.

Lefty further bolsters his boy, Tom, by portraying Perriello as being tough on illegal immigration because of a recent vote he took:

Perriello, for his part, voted last week in favor of a major border security bill that will generate $600 million to boost the number of border patrol officers and unmanned aerial vehicles patrolling the border in an effort to curtail illegal immigration.

“Timid Tom” may well have cast an “aye,” but for the record, Lefty, HR 6080—to which you refer—was passed by “voice vote” according to; there is no record of individual votes.

But where are Tom’s actual words? As a former “national security consultant,” surely, he must have something to say on the subject of America’s illegal alien invasion—a dire threat to U.S. national security.

And, what is “Timid Tom’s” actual record on illegal immigration-related issues. He has been in office since January of 2009 and should have staked a position (or two) somewhere along the way.

More astounding, though, than “Timid Tom’s” silence on the subject, is the lack of editorial oversight at the Daily Perriello.

How can the incumbent repetitively receive such favorable treatment while the challengers are heavily scrutinized?

Where is managing editor, McGregor McCance, when the reading public needs him to insure non-biased reporting in the midst of a critical election?

It’s time to clean house, Daily Perriello. Lefty may love Tom, but your “news” columns are the last place he should be expressing his affections.

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  1. And, what is “Timid Tom’s” actual record on illegal immigration-related issues. He has been in office since January of 2009 and should have staked a position (or two) somewhere along the way.

    Rob, I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “actions speak louder than words.” Perriello’s “actual record” is his vote for HR6080, a bill he mentioned in passing at the Senior Statesmen forum without having been asked about it. But immigration isn’t a huge issue in the 5th District, so it’s not surprising he hasn’t said much on it. If you do want to know more, you only have to go to his website.

    I agree that McNeill’s use of the word “conservative” while not using the word “liberal” betrays his point of view, whether consciously or not, and distorts the view of the candidates for uncritical readers. But given your own inability to show Perriello any grace, to ever give him the benefit of the doubt, it’s ironic to hear that criticism from you, as if you could write news stories without your own views showing.

    “Food for the mind” or empty calories for conservatives?

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