If you read the September 19, 2010 Daily Progress, you might be convinced that embattled Democrat Congressman Tom Perriello (VA-05) is standing by his man—President Obama—through thick and through thin, in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health.

Writer, Ray Reed, portrays Perriello as a loyal and steadfast foot soldier, marching in lock step with the Obama-Pelosi agenda:

Perriello, unlike at least three congressional Democrats in Virginia, refuses to break ranks with President Barack Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The writer goes on to describe Perriello’s “unflinching” appearance at a recent taxpayer funded town hall (campaign) event:

As a freshman congressman seeking re-election, Perriello faced both friendly and unfriendly voters in a town-hall meeting Monday that couldn’t officially be called a campaign event.

He talked unflinchingly for an hour and a half about health care, cap-and-trade, and his votes for them, and other issues supported by Democratic leaders in Washington.

Two-Faced Tom, confronted by a concerned supporter of the National (Periello-Pelosi-Obama) Democrat agenda, refused to deny his President:

When a woman asked Perriello at the Bedford town hall meeting whether his attack ads suggested he was abandoning his record and his base of support, the candidate didn’t back off.

Recent national media accounts have suggested that the Democrat establishment was preparing to throw Tom Perriello under the campaign bus, declaring his flailing re-election campaign a lost cause, but in Reed’s story, a Democrat party-boss refutes that allegation:

On Wednesday, Rep. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., said, “Republican operatives want you to believe that Democratic congressional leaders have abandoned Tom Perriello. Nothing could be further from the truth.

“As head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, I’m here to tell you that we support Tom now more than ever,” Van Hollen said after House Democrats held their weekly meeting on Wednesday.

Van Hollen may well speak the truth, but both he and Ray Reed seem to have missed “Two-Faced Tom’s” remarkable ability to change colors depending on his surroundings. The boy congressman is a deceptively adept political chameleon, and in broad public venues, he’s running away from his Democrat “team” faster than Lot fled the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

In his first major radio campaign of this election cycle, Perriello has saturated the airwaves with a commercial (listen below) emphasizing Tom’s “independence” from the “Pelosi-Obama” agenda:

(Actor 1) So I was watching’ the news, and they were talking about congressmen who vote like independents.

(Actor 2) Really.

(Actor 1) And Tom Perriello’s name came up.

(Actor 2) Tom Perriello. What’s he ever done but vote in lock step with Obama and Pelosi?

The ad continues by referencing instances of minor (and ultimately inconsequential) votes taken by Perriello, which purport to show his independence from Pelosi’s tight leash.

But which of Two-faced Tom’s two faces is the real face of Tom Perriello?

  • The independent Tom Perriello, who boldly has defied his party on many issues? or;
  • The Pelosi lap-dog Tom Perriello, who proudly has voted time and again for his party and against the people—and will continue to do so if re-elected?

Conspicuously absent from the “independence” radio spot are two of Perriello’s most devastating, party-line “yes” votes—Cap and Trade, and Socialized Health Care—both of which provoked vociferous scorn from Perriello’s fifth district constituents, who overwhelmingly oppose the Marxist-themed legislation their “representative” supports.

Yet, in Reed’s story Perriello made a final vow to defend his highly unpopular “health care” vote in an upcoming television-advertising blitz:

Perriello promised that future TV ads would talk about positive aspects of the health care bill, which he said would preserve Medicare until 2030.

Confused yet? Well, don’t be.

In the end, as we weigh the evidence in favor of and against believing either of Two-faced Tom’s two contrasting faces, we are left without resolution as to where this Congressman stands, based on his statements.

But his actions are clear. Perriello’s robotic allegiance to the Pelosi-Obama machine and their catastrophic collectivist agenda is undisputed truth.

And in spite of his duplicitous wavering, what we can surmise is that Two-faced Tom Perriello is a mendacious, equivocal, untrustworthy and soulless politician who consistently betrays his constituents with a loving embrace followed by a quick, vicious stab in the back.


Listen to Perriello’s cunningly contradictory radio ad:

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Rob Schilling is founder of the multi-award-winning Schilling Show Blog and News, proprietor of Schilling Show Media; host of both the Schilling Show Unleashed Podcast and WINA's The Schilling Show heard weekdays at noon; husband; father; worship leader, Christian recording artist and Community Watchdog.


  1. First of all, Perriello didn’t write the article that portrayed him as a “loyal and steadfast foot soldier,” so he’s not to be credited or blamed for it. Secondly, all politicians emphasize one part of their record instead of another depending on what part of their constituency they’re speaking to or need to win over. Third, in so doing Perriello hasn’t contradicted himself, but has accurately indicated where he has voted with Obama and where he has voted against him. Fourth, Obama and the Democratic Party have mastered Politics 101 themselves, and surely approve of the ad in question. Fifth, there is no reason to believe Perriello’s votes with Obama are based on politics and not principles. Sixth, Perriello’s votes against the party line were hardly on minor issues, but were on issues the Right considers very important. Seventh, National Journal, which rated him among the top 15 most independent Congressmen, is non-partisan. Finally, no I’m not confused about where Perriello stands and neither are you. You know your argument is bogus, but as a professional spin doctor you can’t admit it. Either that, or your own habitual mendacity in regards to the congressman has made you blind and you’ve begun to believe your own stuff. Kudos to the Perriello campaign for cutting you off. You’ve earned it.

  2. Rob, this is not at all surprising. This is the standard operating procedure for all the liberal loonies, and those who foolishly believe what they say. As a constituent, I am still awaiting a response from Mr. Perriello, in regards to communications sent by e-mail, and regular U.S. Post. As a constituent that he allegedly represents, in HIS HOMETOWN!, I have been waiting for more than a year now. Remarkably, I NEVER had this problem before. This is the readliy observable difference bewteen conservative STATESMEN, and liberl POLITICIANS. Conservatives actually LISTEN and RESPOND to those they endeavour to represent. I suppose that I should be shocked by his, as well as Barry’s lack of response to constiuents, however, I am not.

    The intellectual elite are ultimately dependendent upon perversions of truth, bullying, and out-and-out lying, in order to achieve their postions of prestige and power. They rely upon the docile intellect of those they wish to enslave. Intellects that accept with such apathy, the notion that the liberals are there to look out for their best interests, when in reality, they are simply being pawned for votes.

    Today, politicians like Two Faced Turkey Tom, rely on the abundance of media outlets. Like a gambler in a Las Vegas Casino, they are hedging their ability to be two faced, and hope that they will not get stung too often by being “caught” and compared and contrasted on audio and video.

    This is the same method of operation I’ve observed, since I was in high school, attempting to debate these people. They are simply mirrors. They reflect the beliefs and ideology of whoever is in the majority in any given situatiuon. They will say and give appearances to do any and everything, to achieve and maintain power. Perriello will never make an independent decision on matters of true importance, as he needs the deep pockets that only Barry and Nancy can provide. Upon further reflection, I suppose it is not all that ironic that Perriello’s initials are TP. His word as a politician is just about as thin and messy as toilet paper. I do not know what his experience was in the Ivy troop of Boy Scouts, but I know that in my troop, we took seriously the oath and the pledge we recited each week, all those years ago. No matter how long or well one may be exposed to honorable and patriotic characterristics, the love of money and power can and will, overtake those traits, when one willingly jettisons his spiritual and religious convicions.

    Perriello, and many other politicians desire to call themselves Christian’s. They can not, nor can any person who supports their liberal agenda, claim to have a solid knowlegde of the Savior. You cannot call yourself a believer, and support the murdering of innocent unborns. You cannot claim to believe in the Scriptures, and support sexual deviancy, in any form. You simply can not reconcile what we are doing to the minds and lives of our children, and claim salvation. You of course can, and many do, but lets just call it like it is. Hypocrisy.

    So TP is just maintaing a long and deeply rooted system of the ends justifying the means form of goverment. again, this is why the TEA Party mentality is exploding. Thomas Jefferson had it right in the Declaration of Independence when he wrote:
    “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

    WE THE PEOPLE are waking up, and two facedness is not going to be allowed to stand.

  3. WE THE PEOPLE are waking up, and two facedness is not going to be allowed to stand.

    I have a friendly, sympathetic, and wake-up word for you, “Patriot” (and I put that in quotes because I know you can’t acknowledge that your political opponents may love our [not your] country just as much as you do): your side is often two-faced. You are often a sinner (as am I). Your party will not and cannot abolish dishonesty even if it triumphs over liberalism. If you don’t believe me, read your Bible.

    When will the “Christian” Right ever get a clue? And Rob, don’t just make dismissive statements on the air. My medium is the written word. Let’s have a real debate. I’m ready when you are.

  4. A tree is known by its fruit. I have nothing to place my judgement upon, other than the “fruit” that you and yours hve produced. Just as God had to turn HIS face away from Cain’s offerring’s, the bounty in the basket of your side is as equally putrid. One demonstrates one’s love of country by lifting it up, not pulling it down. By teaching the next generation about the greatness of American exceptionalism, not by inculcating hatred for ones native land. By teaching accurately our history, and so sorry to say Kenny me boy, but in all of our founding fathers writings and speeches, it was the power of the Trinity that was sought, not the wisdom of Allah, Buddah or any other fasle god. To love ones country is to instill a purpose for this freedom God bestowed upon us. Not simply a license to explore sinful living. To teach purity and discipline to our children. To have order and not chaos. To cherrish and seek righteousness. Not have our women and children exploited for proffit.

    I return your friendly, sympathetic, gesture, with one of my own. You need to wake up. One day all of us “sinners” will stand at the judgement seat. The difference is, some, as David was, will be men and women after Gods own heart. Others, who willfully play with the truth of God, who caused others to stumble, by perverting the truth, or silencing it, will not receive as great a favor and mercy.

    And by the way. You choose to engage in debate with a man who is on the air regularly. His medium is the air waves. Never bring a knife to a gun fight.

  5. Patriot, as I’ve said before, I have deep respect for conservatism even though on many issues I’m more liberal. But by calling me “Kenny boy” and comparing a debate to a violent fight you demonstrate that like so many on the Religious Right, when it comes to politics, you have yet to be born again.

    His medium is the air waves.

    Not in his blog posts it isn’t. People who can defend their positions do so.

  6. Ken,
    Pardon my Scots-Irish heritage. I suppose one’s name followed by me-boy, was not used in the portion of Europe to which you grew up in. Regarding to be “born again”, my spiritual rebirth transpired in me at the age of sixteen. Politically, well, that took place far, far earlier. You see, I was “born again” politically, upon entering the school system. As for my comparison of debate to a violent fight, well, that is what left leaning liberal “tolerance” has conditioned me to. You see, I have not witnessed a civilized tolerant exchange of ideas. What I have witnessed and experienced, is the exact opposite. Like the old time doctors who, attempting to dispense the less than tasty medicine to young patients, would yank the head back suddenly and forcefully, in order to dump the elixir down the throat, such is the manner in which my country, and the country of our founders, was quietly occupied.
    The year of my birth, was the same year that the oligarchy of nine, clothed in black, told America that God was no longer welcome in the public arena. When that ruling was handed down, lightning did not flash from the sky, nor did civilization immediately crumble. America’s ship of state was able to continue on, propelled by the 187 years of winds that had filled her sails. Traditions and customs were not immediately supplanted, so no one really noticed much difference. However, our moral compass had been willfully jettisoned. The inevitable would not be far behind. The Beatles landed the following year, and in less than a decade, we would be asked to “imagine” that there was no such thing as heaven, nor any consequences for our actions.
    I was in first grade when man walked on the moon. A child of middle class parents from a small mill town in North Carolina, whose father was a veteran of WWII and Korea, I was out of place in class, with a crew cut and saying such anachronistic things such as “Yes sir, no sir, and please.” Surrounded by children who called their fathers “old man’, their mothers “old lady” and constantly rebelling against authority. I was curious as to how they managed their have their teeth and the rest of their bodies in the same room together, as my parents did not allow me to practice such disrespect. I did not understand nor approve of this reprehensible behavior, at the same time; I simply wanted to live in peace. Live and let live. That is not the way it works. Coexistence is not the desired goal. Submission to the system is. Only through denunciation of the tried and true, and the immersion into the new man-centered culture, were you allowed to live in peace. Otherwise, it was taunts, teasing, and some form of constant derision. Diversity was only accepted, if perversity and rebellion accompanied it. By the fifth grade, just ten years after the first tragic decision, it was even easier for the same oligarchy of black clothed judges, to make killing the innocent unborn, a protected right in the land. Yeah, we we’re coming a long way baby.
    Sliding further along, now society was not helping to escort the citizens of tomorrow past the pitfalls of undisciplined youthful lust, they seemingly did all in their power to throw open the doors to hell itself. Experiment with drugs and set your mind free. Enjoy the taste and the euphoria of alcohol. Get your mind set for sex, and we will supply the stimulation you need through every conceivable form of media outlet that can be imagined. If it feels good, then do it. Set yourself free. There will be no consequences. Sexually transmitted diseases, our medicine will provide a cure. Unplanned pregnancy, that is what condoms and abortions will handle. Every child a wanted child. Drug addiction, therapists and treatment centers. Alcoholism, we will treat that too. All the while, building blood forged chains of slavery, and premature death. All the while, denying our God given heritage and replacing HIM on the throne of the country’s collective heart. The self centered notion of worshipping at the altar of “ME” instead,
    High school, we’ll I must say, I did not experience much tolerance from the wolfpack groups in the young democrats club, as opposed to the handful of us in the young republicans club. We were fascists, up tight, kill joy goody-two-shoes, militaristic hawks, willing to kill babies and other innocents around the world. Nope, not a lot of good intellectual dialogue was happening there. Lots of personal property damage, theft and bodily harm aplenty, with the establishment always looking the other way. Alas, entry into the adult working world of the 80’s, so lets go forward from there and now here we all are today, in a most tragic and absolutely unnecessary situation.
    Therefore, if I appear to sound fed-up, then I am guilty as charged. I am. I am forty-seven years old. I have worked since I was 12, mowing yards to purchase my first car, then, at 16, at a locally owned burger joint and later a drug store. Due to the injuries I received in high school, from the less than peaceful tolerant type, that denied me the opportunity serve in the military, I put myself through community college. I worked at a local building supply store in the mornings, went to class during the day, and worked as a deli clerk in a local chain market at night. Rather than partying my life away, I actually studied. Upon entering the workforce I regularly served 50 + hour weeks, Rarely calling in sick. I did not inherit any job; rather I endeavored to apply myself with the old American work ethic to support myself. Yet now, like millions of others in this poor excuse of an economy, there is no longer the realistic expectation of retirement. The intellectual elite who along with their higher spiritually free education, became quite the educated thieves, and have forever altered that reality. All of my life I have been preached down to and brow beat into the idea that I have to “spread the wealth” to other individuals who do not share nor practice the same work ethic nor in many cases now, are not even fellow citizens. I resist the notion of a government that will take my money, by coercion if necessary, and give it to individuals who are undeserving. Like those millions of others, I am a little angry and resentful, as I see the liberals bailing out those who do not need it, while forging the chains of slavery for my sons and their sons. I am fed-up of having to pay increased taxes in order to keep people in their homes. Losing a job or physical illness is one thing. However, if they purchased a mansion at more than four times the cost of my modest home, designed around what was realistically affordable, I would then like to see the left-wing Congress, and the members of Slick Willie’s administration, who were by the way responsible for passing Fannie and Freddie and the Community Reinvestment Act, which ultimately led us to our current situation, pick-up the tab.
    I am fed-up with the attempts to brainwash me into believing that no longer does race and gender matter. That is the only item that is of any concern in affirmative action jobs, government contract set-asides, and tolerance for deviant and unnatural lifestyle choices. I have experienced, on more than one occasion, being passed over for a promotion, when my only handicap was to be a white, heterosexual male.
    I am fed-up with liberals, and journalists, who have never worn the uniform of any branch of our military nor let their elitist offspring, do so, and who look down upon those who do. They sit at home, play war on their gaming systems, and get lost in the chat rooms while listening to their I-pods. Yet, they dare to condescend to the men of our armed forces who are far better people than they are. I am fed-up with being cajoled into believing that drug addicts are simply victims of a disease, and that those of us who made disciplined and wise health choices, must help support them. I am fed-up with being forced to lower my standard of living in order to combat global warming, while India and China are not at all concerned with those same restrictions. I am fed-up with being told to believe that Islam is a religion of peace. I am fed-up with being told that out of “tolerance for other cultures” we have to allow Saudi Arabia to use our oil money to fund mosques and madrassa Islamic schools to preach hate in America. Conversely, no American group is allowed to fund a church, synagogue or religious school in Saudi Arabia to teach love and tolerance.
    I am fed-up with illegal aliens being called “undocumented workers,” most specifically the ones who are not working They have chosen to subsist on either welfare or crime. I am fed-up hearing all about wealthy athletes and entertainers talking in the various media about innocent, stupid or youthful mistakes. They only regret having been found out. I am fed-up with this notion of entitlement, rich or poor. I am fed-up with people who refuse to take responsibility for their lives and actions, subsequently blame the government, or discrimination or other such factor for their self-made problems.
    In school, we were taught that the world population bomb would go off, and we would all live in misery. They were wrong. We were told that there would be no trees, therefore no oxygen and we would all have to live in bubbles and wear bottles on our backs. They were wrong. We were told that African killer bees would swarm all of north America, and that we would not be able to go outside and play. I found one of the infernal bee traps we were forced to build in my parents shed. A keepsake from school days. Never used it. They were wrong. We were told that Ronald Reagan was going to blow up the world with the bomb. We found out that “Peace Through Strength” works. They were wrong. Evolutionists told us the world was billions of years old. The lunar module had those extra big feet because as Neil Armstrong told Bob Hope prior to the launch, he feared having the lander sink into all those feet of dust. Remarkably, the dust was just a few inches thick, as the Biblical age of the world would suggest. They were wrong. This list could go on forever.
    So forgive me for being a little fed-up with these same old faulty, man made, man centered arguments. The truth is, I have seen the past, and it worked. The country of my youth was ordered, honorable and productive. Regrettably, I have lived to witness the present. I now know how those who lamented for Israel must have felt as they scribed their sorrows for their once great nation. I am less angry for myself. I am more so for the nightmare that our children and their children must endure. All because we simply could not and would not, follow directions. That same fruit of disobedience is as bitter today,as it was when Eve first partook of it.

  7. Patriot, no offense, but you sure get carried away by your own rhetoric. Unfortunately that rhetoric carries you into fantasy land where you see your ideological opponents as cartoon caricatures instead of real people, and where you imagine that the bad behavior of your cartoon characters excuses your own spiritual pride and incivility. I wish you the best, but I have no interest in continuing the discussion.

  8. Patriot, very well done. You have done what no other blogger has been able to do. You have left Ken the Kook speachless and unwilling to continue a debate. Well, he did have to fire a few parting shots a lot like a 1st grader when they take their ball and go home.

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