A controversial photograph of Greene County Schools Superintendent, David Jeck, has been removed from the division’s web site.

The picture, which shows Dr. Jeck and his wife in their bathing suits, was considered inappropriate by several parents who contacted The Schilling Show after substantive response was dodged in conversations with Dr. Jeck, himself.

On Tuesday evening, September 27 a parent submitted the following comment to the Superintendent:

I find your picture of you and your wife on the beach to be both inappropriate as well as unprofessional. As a member of FBLA through the Greene County Technical Education Center, my senior being the President I learned a great deal about what is and is not considered to be appropriate. This picture was one of the very first things I learned is considered to be inappropriate and as unprofessional especially of someone in your position. While in attendance at Emory & Henry College, I was taught that if I was to have any kind of picture publicly posted that was of me alone, or with anyone else wearing inappropriate or an inadequate amount of clothing that I would be removed from the Education Department. This being said, it seems to me that you have violated a number of ethical issues with this picture through your involvement with both children and as a business professional. I would also like you to know that through my training of child safety in a number of different work environments that people who post pictures of themselves of this nature are to be avoided and carefully watched as they pose a potential threat to the well being and safety of children. Unless you would like to be viewed as unprofessional and as a potential threat to children especially those that you are supposed to be working to protect and assist through their education then I would suggest you remove this picture. I hope that is has given you one a greater understanding for what should and should not be posted to a public business oriented website, and two the kind of message that you are sending out to other people by posting such inappropriate images of yourself as this one.

The following morning, Dr. Jeck responded:

I am sorry you feel this way.


Dave Jeck

Another citizen inquired about the propriety of the photo:

Pictures on school websites should be tasteful, respectful, and appropriate for all viewers.  Pictures of the head of the school division should follow these rules always and without exception. In other words no pictures of faculty or students partially clothed should be posted. Hope to see this removed immediately. Thank you!

Dr. Jeck stood his ground, insisting that the picture would stay:

Thank you for your email. I will not be changing the picture.

Today, however, the controversial picture was changed, replaced with one seemingly more appropriate. While Dr. Jeck’s photographic overexposure has been digitally corrected, his negative responses to parents’ concerns stand in stark contrast to examples of good governance. A refocus of the Superintendent’s communication standards would be in good order.

See the before and after pictures of Dr. David Jeck on the Greene County Public Schools web site:

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  1. You truly can’t be serious that this picture as that which offends people. Was there some “full size” version showing an actual bare chest? I mean, to echo “Wow” above… Seriously? A man and his wife at a beach. We see bare shoulders. This is a controversy? Seriously?

    Can you explain why this matters?

  2. Situations like this is what gives a community a bad name. Dr. Jeck has done wonderful things for the community, school, teachers and parents in Greene. It is a shame that someone felt the need to personally attack him, that’s what I find disturbing!

  3. I see nothing wrong with the picture. Is Dr. Jeck and his family not allowed to go to the beach or swimming pool because a child might see him in his swimming trunks? Come on people! There is way more filth that your children see on regular television every night than a picture of a man’s shoulders. You have to be kidding me! Why don’t you worry more about all the knocked up girls in your schools, the kids doing drugs in the bathrooms, or better yet how about the bullying that you choose to ignore.

  4. This is the dumbest controversy I’ve ever heard of, and that parent could stand to go back to grade school and take a few English classes with the kids. Then he needs to go back to high school and learn to make a logical argument. And Rob, you need to think about why it would be good governance to give way to a parent who calls something inappropriate and doesn’t even say why. Schools are supposed to teach students to think.

  5. This is a crazy overreaction to this picture. I feel it actually gives a “human” aspect to Dr. Jeck and his family. To see him in elements other than those requiring he wear a suit every day and to see that he is actually a person is actually refreshing. Find something really bad to champion yourself for.

  6. Give me strength enough to get by. Someone has some serious hangups. I could see if it was a picture of Dr. Jack, his girlfriend, his wife and her boyfriend hugging.

  7. Interesting that Larry Flynt can come to town as part of the Film Festival, but a picture on a website that is rarely visited raises the eyebrows of a few.

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