World Class, my a$$
By Bill Smith

27% live in poverty
One-party tyranny
Low paying jobs
Occupy Cville mobs
Cost of living through the roof
Power elite, arrogant and aloof

World Class, my a$$

Wasteful art in place
Disrespect for the black race
Public housing disgrace

World Class, my a$$

Former mayor beats his wife
Lacrosse player takes a life
Feel good, checkbook philanthropy
Blood money from Albemarle County

World Class, my a$$

Sister cities number three
Self-satisfied as can be
Self-designated “World Class” city
City-County enmity
$7 million to re-brick the Mall
Christmas bonuses for all

World Class, my a$$

School system failing AYP stings
Tablets forced on parents with costly strings
Millions wasted to reconfigure schools
School board is ship of fools

World Class, my a$$

UVA, arrogance beyond compare
Pay up or sit elsewhere
Health System doesn’t care
Serpentine walls

World Class, my a$$

Landmark eyesore
Bureaucrats spending galore
City Manager over his head
Good thing Mr. Jefferson is dead

World Class, my a$$

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Rob Schilling is founder of the multi-award-winning Schilling Show Blog and News, proprietor of Schilling Show Media; host of both the Schilling Show Unleashed Podcast and WINA's The Schilling Show heard weekdays at noon; husband; father; worship leader, Christian recording artist and Community Watchdog.


  1. Gotta hand it to you for cleverness, but that supposedly wasteful art is paid for out an old set aside and isn’t costing you a dime. Also, some of us like art. And the one-party tyranny charge could by knocked down by any middle schooler with a passing grade in civics.

  2. @Ken – It must be more than clever if you signed off on all of the disturbing, damning charges except for the lines about Art In Place and one-party tyranny.

    How about calling it correct?

  3. What else is there to say.
    I guess a middle schooler could knock over one party tyranny charge once it is explained to them in detail. However when only school system they have know is here in Charlottesville. It is hard to understand what government is when you are just being taught by union workers instead of teachers. Once the middle schooler understand how screwed up Charlottesville really is, odd are they are going to need mental health profession.

  4. Carole, some the problems in that rap can’t be blamed on city government, some of the complaints have nothing to do with Charlottesville’s livability, and some of the charges are partisan ones I take no position on. Other charges I do think are fair, but it’s hard to see conservatives in office fixing up public housing or taking on UVA.

    Paul, perhaps you should insult some of those teachers to their faces. Cracks like that are cheap and unkind.

  5. I have spoken to them and all I got was excuses. I have first hand knowledge when comes to their outcome. when I used to work for the prison system and tired to do patient teaching. I can remember several individuals who were graduate of Charlottesville and were reading on a fifth grade educations. I found them to street smart but lacked the necessary education to get them to understand that it’s still up to them as individuals to take care of their disease. To get them to understand there is more in life than just money, fast cars and women. That there was more in life than making a fast buck selling drugs etc.
    What I found was men who had immature teenage in them.
    Mean, why do we have spend 18,000 dollars per student per yr and still have highest drop out rate compared to Nelson Country. Mean, why do we have a lower graduate rate than Nelson county. Nelson county that on average is spending 10,000 dollars a yr per students.
    Woodrow Wilson High School in Beckley WVA does allot better when comes to graduation rates and even a lower drop out rate than Charlottesville school system and they spend around 10,000 dollars per student per yr.
    Please let try a different, oh! what about the 2.4 – 3.4 million dollars screw up with the tables that were suppose to made the student and teacher lives easier?
    Cheap,Mean, Unkind, let get real.

  6. Dear Rob and respondents, It is only a one-party
    tyranny in Charlottesville when Democrats are in
    charge, not in the Commonwealth of Virgina where
    Republicans control all three branches of government.
    Eat your heart out, Ms. Thorpe. I forgot that I
    didn’t see armed guards “escorting” Charlottesville
    city voters into the booths and voting for them. Did
    any of you? Please provide proof. I condemn the
    attack by Mr. Smith on former Mayor Cavarvati. I wish
    you would, too, Rob. Don’t you have any regard for
    human decency? Do you have any drop of human compassion?
    I think I know the answers.

  7. @Gary W., Caravati beat his wife and you talk about human decency. What twisted values. Grow up.
    @ken, it has been shown that middle schoolers know very little about civics. That’s why they grow up to occupy city parks at someone else’s expense. Your love/hate fixation with Rob Schilling is vulgar and disgusting. He is a happily married man with three wonderful children. Find someone else.
    @Bill Smith “27% live in poverty” includes thousands of students. For example, JPA neighborhood is 8% homeowner, 92% rental. It also qualifies to be designated as a Community Development Block Grant neighborhood and can receive anti-poverty funds. Realizing the effect the student population has on the statistics, the City has wisely chosen not to include JPA with Belmont, Ridge, Fifeville, 10 & Page and Rose Hill Drive. Also, as long as our City maintain the policy of providing the majority of low income housing units in the area and serves as the mecca for the homeless, it will always have a higher percentage of poverty when compared to the surrounding counties. Since this is official City policy, is is not a problem, it is by design.

  8. “.. it’s hard to see conservatives in office fixing up public housing…” Public housing is owned by the federal government (HUD) whose responsibility it is to maintain its housing. Unfortunately, our local government has taken on that responsibility since it has not been managed very well for about six of the last seven years and HUD has been giving its management failing evaluations until this year. This year, public housing sites passed all of their inspections due to the hard work of Randy Bickers who is leaving the area at the end of the year and a replacement is being sought. Back to the F-level again. Let us pray that Dave Norris is not named the new Executive Director. He would probably allow the emotionally disturbed local Occupiers to camp out there on the various sites.

  9. Cville Eye, instead of changing the subject, try rebutting what I actually wrote: the one-party tyranny charge could by knocked down by any middle schooler with a passing grade in civics.

    And I’m afraid your sick psycho-fantasizing about me, and about Occupy Charlottesville (whom I’m more a critic than a fan of), just reflects back on you. Really it’s just a particularly pernicious example of what I criticize here all the time, the unwillingness to simply disagree on the merits of an issue instead of demonizing the people you disagree with.

  10. I find it totally unexceptable that this idea that governemt has the ability to fix everything. So someone got arrest for hitting their spouse. Well that is a law on books. Does it do anygood. No, there is allot of men and women who are servicing time for this offense. Only different they were a nobody, like me. One party tyranny is not a good idea when several differnet member of Democrat party have told me that this city will always remain in thier hands, period. A poem is just a poem.
    As someone once say — I may have first amendment right to speak whats on my mind but don’t have right to be listend too. Rob is doing a good job compared what current state of affairs are in Charlottesville.
    But does it really matter when we are are opinionated in one way or other.

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