Hot on the heels of Delegate David Toscano’s outrageous attempt to silence global warming “skeptics” through a suggested denial of constitutionally protected speech comes another insidious, government-sponsored onslaught on the First Amendment. This time, the proposed restriction emanates from Summer Frederick, Planning Manager at Charlottesville’s Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission (TJPDC).

Frederick, apparently not satisfied with TJPDC’s million-dollar, taxpayer-funded assault on private property rights (under the guise of regional “planning”), now is dispensing advice on how to squelch the speech of climate change “deniers.”

In a February 4 New York Times article about Tea Party activism and United Nations’ Agenda 21, “counterorganizer” Frederick openly presents her contra-constitutional game plan envisioned to mute citizen “critics” of the globalist green agenda:

Summer Frederick, the project manager for the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission in Charlottesville, Va., which withdrew its dues to Iclei and its support from a national mayors’ agreement on climate change late last year after a campaign by protesters, now conducts seminars on how to deal with Agenda 21 critics. (Among her tips: remove the podium and microphones, which can make it “very easy for a critic to hijack a meeting.”) [emphasis added]

While such a diabolical scheme could be effective if implemented covertly, Frederick’s hubris in brazenly discussing methods of disabling community dialogue at public meetings displays either abject arrogance or abject stupidity—or perhaps both.

As stated on its web site, the TJPDC has a noble purpose:

The mission of the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission is to serve our local governments by providing regional vision, collaborative leadership and professional service to develop effective solutions.

Yet the TJPDC’s promised mission of “service” is perverted beyond reclamation when a $52,000 per year government employee (Summer Frederick), supervised by a $110,000 per year government employee (Stephen Williams), flagrantly works to promote an anti-American personal agenda while proposing the undermining of foundational American rights—all in the name of “planning.”

Mr. Williams, maybe it’s time to remove Ms. Frederick’s microphone, podium, and employment contract.



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Rob Schilling is founder of the multi-award-winning Schilling Show Blog and News, proprietor of Schilling Show Media; host of both the Schilling Show Unleashed Podcast and WINA's The Schilling Show heard weekdays at noon; husband; father; worship leader, Christian recording artist and Community Watchdog.


  1. Yes Rob, it’s time to relieve Summer Frederick of her “service” to this community.

    It’s also time to discuss the Agenda 21 goals; that people like Summer and David Toscano have deceptively denied having awareness of, mocked, and called a “conspiracy theory”.

    If people learned more about the Agenda 21 goals Summer is protecting by violating Constitutional Rights of the people she claims to serve, she and most of her Comrades on the TJPDC would be run out of town on a rail.

    That would surely brighten the future of this community, reduce the unnecessary expense of their salaries and allow the citizens of this community to determine its future.

  2. So commandeering a podium is “community dialogue” when the Right does it. I’m sure you’d use the same term for a liberal’s disruption of a committee meeting run by conservatives.

    Hate makes people say stupid things. Just read your own post, Rob.

  3. What is wrong with anyone wanting to expose a city or any government or any organization that feels they don’t have to be up front. It seems that especially here in Charlottesville and the County that they have not always been up front with us the taxpayers. Wonder why?
    It seem that when you talk to any of them, they come across as they know better. I am not ignorant, I may not be the best writer in world, but I know enough to know when something stinks, especially city council of late.

  4. What is wrong with anyone wanting to expose a city or any government or any organization that feels they don’t have to be up front.

    How is preventing protesters from disrupting meetings by commandeering the podium not being upfront? Anyhow, nine of ten of Rob’s Righteous Rants are based on the presumption that liberals do bad things that conservatives don’t. When will the Christian Right learn the most fundamental of all Biblical teachings, that we are _all_ sinners? Be serious, Rob.

  5. Yes Ken we are all sinners, But what does this have to do with posting.
    There is nothing wrong with what Rob posted. Nothing wrong.
    Should Rob or myself, just keep our mouths shut and fingers quiet because we don’t like what is going on?
    I know allot of liberals who are out for themself as I know allot of non – liberals who are out for themself.
    but I know allot of good human beings of all political sides who are good people and our tired of being expected to pay for everything……..
    The name of game currently going on is command and control.
    To tell me what I need to do and to ensure I do it right first time around. If I don’t I catch hell for it, either being threat with increase in taxes, jail time etc….
    All we need is 5,000 votes to change the city counsel….

  6. No, Quinn, you shouldn’t just keep your mouth shut when you don’t like what’s going on. But you shouldn’t do what Rob does either (I’m not saying you do), which is 1) to take everything your political opponents say in the worst possible way and 2) get on your moral high horse about it as if your side doesn’t act just as badly. The name of game currently going on is command and control, yes, but when has it not been? Rob loves to rail at “corrupt” local Democrats, but they’re just acting like Republicans act elsewhere.

    Toscano didn’t suggest denying anyone free speech. Notice how in a previous post Rob wrote that “Conceivably, Toscano is asking Albemarle County Board of Supervisors Chair, Ann Mallek, to silence people with whom the Delegate disagrees (emphasis mine).” But the more one indulges in resentment, the more easily one believes the worst, and now it’s not just conceivable, now as Rob sees it, Toscano really is suggesting that global warming skeptics be denied their free speech rights.

    Never mind for a moment that to keep someone from speaking in one particular forum is not to deny them their constitutional right to free speech. There is no constitutional right to speak any time anywhere. Rob, for example, has a right to pull down what I post on his blog, as he has once or twice, and people running government-sponsored meetings have a right to exercise judgment and restrict comments to what they believe are reasonable subjects. So the claim that Toscano is denying free speech is silly, is something only ignorant people or people so angry they can’t think straight would buy.

    But absent a plan of action, Toscano’s statement that “allowing these claims into these local policy debates is counterproductive” sounds like nothing more than a plea that debates not be sidetracked by claims that the overwhelming majority of scientists in the field have overwhelmingly rejected. It’s like saying “let’s not waste time debating flat-earthers.” (Or birthers, to name other Tea Party favorites. Sorry, but the Right doesn’t exactly have a reputation for Reason these days. And if it will lie to itself by indulging in obvious birther lies, why shouldn’t we we think it’s lying to itself when it denies the human element in global warming?).

    Likewise, taking steps to prevent people from disrupting a meeting isn’t in any way to deny First Amendment Rights. To say it is is to engage in paranoid and stupid, or dishonest (take your pick) rhetoric. Such rhetoric has been an American tradition since the founding of the republic, and it’s probably been a feature of political discourse always and everywhere. But it doesn’t make one “the community watchdog.” It makes one just another irresponsible partisan.

    I know allot of good human beings of all political sides who are good people

    So do I. Political affiliation is no reflection of character, contrary to what you sometimes hear on the radio.

  7. This information should be forwarded to whatever agency provided the $999,000 dollars to the TJPDC. Maybe they will see to it that no more funds will be given to these anti-democratic public purse moochers. I am happy there’s talk about dissolving the MPO and I hope its parent organization will soon go unfunded.

  8. Ken:
    As someone once said — what you see depends on which side of fence you are standing.
    C’ville Eye — is right….

  9. Quinn, respectfully, if you can’t say why you disagree with my criticisms, that suggests that you’re feeling, not thinking. It suggests your opinion is based on political loyalty, not reason. And that’s often the level of discourse on the Schilling Show and in many other places.

  10. Ken:
    I guess you need to have it spelled out — yes I do disagree with you. But in coarse of human evens. Does it matter if I disagree with you or Rob or anyone that happen to read any of posting and leave one.
    There seem to be unwritten rule in Charlottesville that we who disagree with city counsel or with Mr. Toscano we must do it in silent. There is individaul who agree that seem city counsel and city democrat don’t want to hear any opinion different from their own. This person had a sign up in his yard off and on for 1 yrs or so. As it was getting closer to city election, he received a letter in mail from city telling him to take it down or else. Well it was ugly sign. But has important message — Worship you faith, not you politic…. So either way the city backed down when found out they were in wrong. But that still didn’t prevent them from putting pessure on him in other way. Now for Mr. Toscano
    1. He voted again the property right bill, To protect the propery owner, instead he feel the city has right to take anyone property. By him doing show he feel government know best.
    2. Yes Mr. Toscano has spoken about global warming and need for green energy. When one of us don’t believe in global warming. when send email, or voice mail or letter, if don’t agree with him, don’t get reply. If agree with him, get reply. Since this city is run by Democrats party, it is hard for me to know what Republicans do elsewhere. Since I live in Charlottesville, I am more concern on what goes on here in this community than I am someplace else.
    This community is at cross road. Contunie down the path of letting government decide what is best for us and how much we need to pay in taxes, or start listening to all of us instead of to whom we own a fair too, or who gave me largest campaign donation.
    Now lead me back to where I start — criticism only really work when I was a boss and it was time for evaluation. Criticism only work if individual on receiving understand why it is being given.
    Which still lead me to the phrase— depend on which side of fence you are standing on. As my evil twin who say at time like these, opinion are based what individual life experiences are, what individual education is, and state of emotional very being at that moment in time. From a state of self-centerness or from a state of enlightment or from a state of hate/angry. I do find allot of angry people in the world and especially on block I live on.

  11. Quinn, there is no unwritten rule. For local Democrats not to want to hear opposing opinions is only human nature. No group, liberal or conservative, welcomes challenges to its power. Every group tries to hold onto its power.

    In this case, as I said, there is another reason for Toscano to want to restrict comments. People who have the overwhelming majority of experts on their side are naturally loath to entertain opposing views because they naturally believe the issue has already been decided.

    You guys aren’t interested in these reasons, though. You’d rather whine about those big, bad nasty Democrats. The fact is though, you aren’t really the victims you make yourselves out to be, you’re just in the political minority. This is a democracy, so quit reading everything your opponent says and does in the worst possible way and go get yourselves elected and take back the power.

  12. Ken;
    So when is last time someone who was not a member of democrat party in Charlottesville won election?
    If I was in postion where I could run, I would. No I never have or ever picture myself as a victims. In fact Ken you come arcoss as a victim. You come across as if the democrat party is Charlottesville know best. As far as Mr. Toscano he only repesent the democrat party. Part of the oath he take is to represent all citizen in his district. Not just the ruling party.No matter how many experts he may have line up on his side there is as many experts who lineup on other side. The problems is they don’t have funds to get word out. At this time in history the desk is stack again them.
    The Robs, the Quinns,the Pauls, the Ken in this country are entitle to rights based on constitution of this county. One of those is The First Amendment is for everyone, not just for the chosen few.Not for the party in control. So I am taking it that Rob, myself and anyone else who disagree with you or democrat party of Charlottesville need to stay home. We need to just show up at next city counsel meeting and throw a prayer rug down in front of them and bend a knee and ask forgiveness.
    I will stop bitching when city does what it is suppose to do! Start fixing the roads, the storm drainage system, repair the sidewalks, curve, stop wasting money on Pad that were given out to student that don’t work. Just stop wasting money, enforce the law, when is Mr. Jone going to be required to move into town. The list is so long, I don’t time in my life or anyone else to waste on it.
    Someday Ken, I just might be able to run for city counsel and will you be willing to accept that!

  13. This is my last posting for a while, I am going to take myself off.
    I would like to apologize, it is a waste of time to write how one feel when you get overwhelming impression it is falling on closed eyes and closed minds.
    Good bye

  14. The First Amendment is for everyone, not just for the chosen few.Not for the party in control. So I am taking it that Rob, myself and anyone else who disagree with you or democrat party of Charlottesville need to stay home.

    And I’m taking it that you don’t grasp the concept of the First Amendment.

  15. “This information should be forwarded to whatever agency provided the $999,000 dollars to the TJPDC.” – CvilleEye

    HUD…Housing and Urban Development…which financed urban renewal of Vinegar Hill and the Garrett neighborhood. So of course the grant is anti-property rights, namely Due Process.

  16. Ken:
    No, it other way around, since Rob, Quinn and other people disagree with you and city counsel and other elected offical we should stay at home.
    The first Amendment is part of a very important document that set tone of who we are ( not who we were).
    Over the coarse of time this document has become muddy with all different point of views written on what our founding father mean.
    If our founding fathers would return today, what would they think?
    The First amendment is part of Constitution written by a group of enlighten men. Based on 4 simple but in someway very complex VIRTUES:
    Industiousness, honesty, marriage and religeousity. Please check out chapter 6 in book — Coming Apart by Charles Murray. Mr. Murray does excellent job of bring life to these 4 words.
    According to Mr. Linclon (taken from God’s Politics by jim Wally) “Our task should not be to invoke religon and the name of God by claiming God’s blessing and endorsement for all our national policies and practices — saying, in effect, that God is on our side. Rather, Lincoln said, we should pray and worry earnestly whether we are on God’s side.
    This lead us to a false sense of empowerment, triumphalism, self -righteousness, bad theology, bad politics when we claim God is on our side.
    We need to return back to what our founding fathers based our county on, Industiousness, honesty, marriage and religeosity.
    According to Catholic philosopher Michael Novak:
    Liberty is the object of the Republic.
    Liberty needs virture.
    Viture among the people is impossible without religion.
    Our founding fathers are right.
    Yes, I know and understand what the First Amendment is and document it is part of. For if I lived in another time or county (as China). I would be in jail or prison for refusing to go along with program. For daring to speak or write what is on my mind. For disagreeing with you Ken, as you are seen as member of ruling Party here in Charlottesville. Or is that just miss information being put fore.
    Yes, if I thought I had a change of winning, yes I would run for city counsel. If I was lucky enough to win, would you be there at the first meeting?
    Remember Ken, this is a county of ideas and sometime those ideas don’t set well with the individuals who are in control and who have the power, no matter who is in charge.
    Our founding fathers knew what they were doing………….
    We are just fallible human being, no more, no less.

  17. quinn, I’m impressed by the depth of your reading list, but not your grasp of the First Amendment, which as I’ve said, doesn’t give us the right to say anything any time, any where. Be serious.

    “Claiming God’s blessing and endorsement” for conservative policies and practices is what American exceptionalism is all about. You guys should quit conflating your plausible but politically convenient interpretation of the Constitution with God’s written word. Our Founding Fathers were wise, but they weren’t all-wise. For all their concern with virtue, they weren’t gods (or apostles), they weren’t 21st century Christian fundamentalists and evangelicals, and they differed on federalism.

  18. Hey quinn, did you hear about Darrell Issa’s refusing to let a woman testify in yesterday’s hearing on contraception? That must be a violation of the First Amendment, right? Or as Rob would say, an outrageous attempt to silence Democrats, right? Do you think Rob will be harrumphing about this soon? Or is this just how both sides play politics?

  19. Ken,
    No I was not aware of this happening.
    So before I can comment, I will need to see what happen.
    As far as what Mr Shilling does or doesn’t do on his show is between him and his boss.

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