Carole Thorpe, chair of the Jefferson Area Tea Party will be leaving her post this month after two years at the helm of the influential government watchdog group.

After assuming the reigns of the organization from previous chair, Bill Hay, Thorpe has led the local Tea Party in claiming several major political victories, including the removal of Tom Perriello from Congress and the decoupling of ICLEI from Albemarle County Government.

Thorpe’s successor has not yet been named.

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  1. I will admit that while I am a right-libertarian, I have never been very involved in the Tea Party. But I have met Carole Thorpe and respect her greatly. She has been an effective spokeswoman for Tea Party issues and her friendly but firm persona has encouraged people to speak out and get involved in getting their government under control. Carole is a Tea Party hero and I hope we will continue to hear from her.

  2. The Jefferson Area Tea Party has become a force to be reckoned with under Carole’s leadership. Mr. Latimer’s words are a perfect description of Carole, friendly but firm. In my thank you note to her I told her I was going to look to find a Tricorne hat for her to wear. She is one of very few among us that are true patriots in word and deed.


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