Charlottesville City Councilor Dave Norris boldly has raised his voice in opposition to procedural testing on cats being conducted at the University of Virginia.

Norris, a pro-abortion Democrat, joined about 25 protesters at an April 12 rally on University Grounds to call for an end to feline intubation. This procedure allows medical residents to practice putting tubes down cats’ throats in anticipation of later using the technique to save lives of human babies.

According to a report in the April 13, 2012 Daily Progress, “Norris the Red” called the feline testing process “cruel and unnecessary.”

The Progress story clarifies that no cats have died as a result of the process. Dr. Sandy Feldman, attending veterinarian to subject cats compared the procedure’s aftermath to a “sore throat.”

Sadly, Norris’s concern for “cruel and unnecessary” procedures performed on cats does not extend to human babies, thousands of whom have been (and continue to be) aborted at the University of Virginia Medical Center—just steps away from the UVa “save the cats” rally.

Whether pleading for the comfort of cats or declaring the rights of trees, godless Charlottesville leftists, inspired by morally confused “leaders” like Dave Norris and David Toscano, continue to miss the forest for the trees. And while Charlottesville cats may now be more comfortable in life, Charlottesville babies continue to suffer unspeakable, torturous deaths (warning extremely graphic photo) in the name of “choice.”


  1. It is heavily ironic that a former Charlottesville mayor will hold a sign in a community parade saying PEACE FOR CHILDREN, will protest against kittens' sore throats at UVa hospitals, but is unable to find the time to speak out against the slaughter of children in the womb, which is about the most unpeaceful thing you can do to a child. This is what happens when you have people in office who choose to worship at the altar of Government, rather than the altar of God. People like these need to be rounded up and DRIVEN out of public office.

  2. Hey, DUDES. If you had a womb and a fetus (NOT a baby), and that baby was a result of rape you would be demanding abortions like crazy. Fetuses are NOT babies. Why not go after people who use birth control pills? IUD's? Who masturbate? In America women are allowed to vote. Deal with it.

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