On September 11, 2001 jihadists, in the name of Islam, attacked the United States of America. Nearly 3,000 died. The Schilling Show commemorates this important anniversary by urging you to:

Remember what happened
Remember who died
Remember who perpetrated the evil
Remember why they did it
Remember how you felt that day
Remember how America turned to God in the aftermath
Remember how quickly America forgot God in the aftermath

Resolve that we will never forget
Resolve that we will remain vigilant against the ongoing threat
Resolve that we will pray for a national spiritual revival

America, bless God.


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Rob Schilling is founder of the multi-award-winning Schilling Show Blog and News, proprietor of Schilling Show Media; host of both the Schilling Show Unleashed Podcast and WINA's The Schilling Show heard weekdays at noon; husband; father; worship leader, Christian recording artist and Community Watchdog.


  1. At the link for “America turned to God” we read:

    1. A chosen nation becomes a humbled one.
    2. The re-emergence of “Christo-Americanism.”
    3. Interfaith becomes cool.
    4. Atheists come out of the closet.

    1, 3. and 4 are implicit criticisms or rejections of the “Christianity” promulgated by the Christian Right. 2 shows how the Religious Right doubled down on the pride and self-righteousness that add fuel to the fire of Islamo-fascist hatred.

    Rob, it’s utterly amazing that you could post that to illustrate how the country supposedly turned to God. Either you didn’t read it, or it’s an extreme example of the distorting effects of a rigidly adhered to ideology – of Jonathan Haidt’s contention that moral systems “bind and blind.”

  2. Amen. But we need to face up to the reality of the real story behind 911. This fantasy we commemorate each year about novice Muslim student aviator's with box cutter's taking over and flying airliners into the WTC towers while our entire air defense system stood down is shear lunacy.

  3. “God’s thoughts are not man’s thoughts…” God’s thoughts are so much higher and founded in a goodness and love so deep we can scarcely begin to comprehend it. But in our best moments, when we act selflessly for the true good of others, we attain our highest purpose, and become a mirror in the image of He who created us and all things. There were many of images of God on 9/11, and since.

    This video really captures that.

    We should draw courage and strength from all the examples of selfless sacrifice in the face of evil and the continuing sacrifices that have helped us move beyond that day.

  4. The government story about 9/11, the myth that Rob Schilling clings to because he wants it to be true, is a lie. Anyone who has the courage and takes the time to examine the evidence will figure this out rather quickly. This is not the first time this has happened and it won’t be the last. The American people are the most gullible people on Earth. http://www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/news/20010430/northwoods.pdf


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