Vain conservatives and worthless liberals
by Tim Griffith

I’ve finally figured out how & why the conservatives don’t exercise their power. Let’s be clear, the Conservatives have always had the only “power” that exists.It is nothing more than a simple case of vanity that keeps them from exercising it. They want to be seen in their own minds as the “good guys.” For this reason alone they have handed the reigns of their power to woefully less competent thinkers and have never even attempted to get it back.

Remember, Liberals constantly whine for compromise but it is only the conservatives who do any compromising.  The liberals have never brought anything to the table…other than the promise to stop whining and to shut up if they can have their way, (a lie in its conception.)

Whatever the first compromise was, it was the proverbial nose of the camel in the tent, the door that, once opened, can never be shut. Every subject after the first one carries the extra whining argument that, “you compromised on that, so why not on this?” Every compromise the liberals offer is a derivative of some other compromise—gain they got from the conservatives in the first place.

The conservatives have never lost power; they still have it but let the liberals tell them what to do with it. Lets not forget that the only thing Liberals offer is to shut up…which was only offered because it was something the conservatives would like—it’s the proverbial carrot in front of the horse to keep him doing the work. Without conservatives to do the productive work of this nation, there is nothing for liberals to do, no reason for them to exist…no way for them to exist.

We endure all of the nonsense that Liberals foist on our society so that the conservatives can feel like the good-guys in their own minds. The Liberals say conservatism is the ideology of “no!” Being the group that can say “No” does not mean you are the bad guys. It means you are who really has the power.

Being unwilling to exercise the power for want of the good-guy image is vanity plain and simple, one of the “seven deadly sins” and quite possibly the one from which all others are born.

Sadly, the road back to sane social structure might not be possible—certainly not as long as the conservatives insist on remaining the victims of their own vanity.

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  1. for someone who was educated in military type school very long time ago. It boil down to we got tired of being told we are mean. We got tired of being shouted down that we ugly and mean, that we don’t care. Well over time we start believing it. I am for one who never did. Just because someone got a hang up doesn’t made it my problem. However it become my problem when the person comes on my property, or insult my wife or try to take advance of some I care for. Rest of time stay out my hair. so what happen is we the conservatives gave up. Look at signs that are getting ripped down, tore up, etc. this time around there is a few of us standing up and yes it is tiring but I am not going to let the bully win this time. I am not going to let liberal tell me I am wrong for standing up and being counted. We gave up!We need to stand as a group all parties and take our country back before someone decide that we no longer count.

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