At last night’s 5th District Congressional debate in Danville, an attempt to embarrass incumbent Republican, Robert Hurt, may have backfired on its perpetrator.

Democrat John Douglass instructed staffers to don HAZMAT suits as they greeted entrants, handing out tracts regarding uranium. Chuckling at their own cleverness, the Douglass campaign may have missed the irony caught by several attendees: His exclusion from the stage at recent high-profile Virginia appearances by President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden has led pundits to label Democrat John Douglass as politically “radioactive.” Obviously, the association is not beneficial the Democrat’s flailing campaign.

John Douglass, best known for physically assaulting a conservative cameraman at a public campaign event, has been struggling ever since to soften his bellicose persona—a defect, which likely has kept potential political allies at arm’s length.

H/T The American Maverick.

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  1. Shame on you Ex-general Douglass Sir, Shame one you. You should know better than to have your staff dress up in so-call Hazmat suit. Shame on you for trying to get people in the Fifth District to believe that is what someone need to wear in case of Radation Exposure. We both know and everyone else, know you can got down to Lowe’s and spend less than $20.00 for these white bunny suit. They are used as cover for panting, putting up insulation etc. Shame on you Ex-General Douglass Sir. You know since you are no longer active due that your rank don’t really mean anything in real world. Shame on you Ex-general Douglass Sir for trying to run a sham by us the citizen of 5th District. When all you can do is stand up there and look foolish. Your party has proven that when one of Fifth District Democrat made the following comment ” Uranium mining is an abomination to God.” Please where is this written in the Bible, Sir, Ex-General Douglass. Please take you and you lam party ideas and go back home. Leave us along in 5th district. Just go away Ex-General Douglass Sir just go away!

  2. Uranium mining is an abomination to God.” Please where is this written in the Bible

    Mark 12:31 Love your neighbor as yourself, so don’t pollute his air and water and give him lung cancer. The God of the Bible is concerned about justice, about the rich not exploiting the poor. He’s not concerned about economic freedom for the powerful. He’s not a don’t-tread-on-me Tea Party conservative.

    You can argue about how dangerous uranium mining is or isn’t, and you can argue about Hurt’s ties to his father’s firm, but the Christian case for environmentalism should be obvious. Care for and preserve God’s creation. Leave it in good condition for future generations. Don’t use it to get rich and leave it spoiled for everyone else.

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