I recall previous elections and can remember an interview with Dick Morris, who was the White House Secretary with the Clintons for a number of years. When asked by a commentator upon Hillary Clinton’s win in the state of New York, if he could define her in one word. Without hesitation, he answered amoral. What we are seeing in America is the death of morality. What we are seeing in America is the death of Biblical standards. What we bear witness to is the displacement of Christianity. Morality and Biblical commitment are fading in our nation and fading before our very eyes. Understandably, Christians are disturbed. Not so much because we want Mitt Romney to win, but because we want Obama to lose. Despite what the spin masters would claim, it is not personal. We simply would prefer one last triumph for what is moral, one last victory for what is right and righteous and Biblical. We would like to believe that we can hold on for a place in our society for God’s Word. Sadly and tragically, it is becoming self-evident that it is a losing battle

In the Bible, Acts chapter 14, we get a perspective that I think is important. The Apostle Paul, along with Barnabas in this case, and anybody else who does what Paul did, describes himself as a preacher of the Gospel. Verse 15 of Acts 14, he says, “We are also men of the same nature as you and preach the Gospel. We preach the Gospel to you in order that you may turn from these vain things, idols, false religion to the living God who made the heaven and the earth and the sea and all that is in them.” Paul continues, “We are preachers, and we preach about the one and only God. The true and living God. And we preach to you the Good News of that true and living God, that sinners can be reconciled to Him.”

And in verse 16, he says, “In the generations gone by, He permitted all the nations to go their own ways; and yet He did not leave Himself without witness.” And that’s the story of human society. Nations rise and fall. All nations come and go. In the midst of all of that, God always has His preachers who are preaching the Gospel. He is never without witness. But the cycle is always the same. Verse 16 says that, “In the generations gone by,” He can look at all of human history, “God permits all the nations to go their own way.” There is no way to stop the cycle.

It has been oft repeated, “If men have learned anything from history, it is that men never learn anything from history.” So you have people today working feverishly to save America. To save America. That is very normal, and it pains so many of us greatly, to see the declining interest in the Bible, indeed to witness an all-out massive effort to get the Bible out of the public discourse. To get the Bible removed as the standard for conduct and behavior and law. However, it must be remembered, this is history, and history inexorably repeats itself. And the cynicism of the preacher in Ecclesiastes is justified when he said there is nothing new under the sun. And he went on to say that history is an endless cycle of repetition. “That which has been is now; that which is to be has already been,” he said.

And we are now in the cycle. Men and nations follow the same path from glory to dust. From the heights to the depths. From great achievement to destruction. The beginnings are bright, and the beginnings are hopeful and filled with promise. But there’s always the slide and the drift, the spiritual entropy that takes over in a fallen world and catapults nations downward and downward into destruction. In actuality,  if you consider it, every baby born stands as a living memorial of the inevitable course of men and nations. Beginning in the loveliness of innocence and infancy, and moving through childhood and all of its bright, shining hope and, finally, to adulthood and decline through maturity towards the ultimate and sad reality of death.

Our own nation is on that same path. America is caught in the doomsday cycle that has caught every nation and will until the Lord comes and establishes the glory of His own Kingdom. We are a dying nation in a world of dying nations and a dying people.  For Americans it is heartbreaking to comprehend, because we had a particularly bright infancy. Conceived in such a primitive beauty, its commencement began with a hardy breed of people coming here to this great land to seek out freedom. Freedom to express their love to Christ in a community of people who were devoted to the Word of God. Whether or not you want to acknowledge it, or accept the facts as they are historically recorded, it was in that context that we established our Constitution. It was in that context that we established our Bill of Rights. It was in that context that we designed our government with all of its wonderful freedoms. It was in that context that we established our churches and our schools and our legal system.

The Bible was held high, and the Bible was the source of all truth and authority for life, both private and public. And God was at the center of our activity, and His name is even on our coinage. Worshiping God was a way of life, and churches were the hub of communities and held a central place in the life of this nation. There was a standard, and there was a norm, and there was an absolute.  It was the Word of God.

However, that was America in its infancy. As maturity came, we began to drift into a degraded adulthood. It was easily self-evident. There were some voices that tried to call us back. The Edward’s and Whitfield’s and Moody’s. There were preachers and churches here and there, crying out to try to stem the tide. But evil has prevailed, and we now, as so many nations and people before us, face the inevitable judgment of God.

The decline is measurable. Indeed, this election may be potently demonstrative as to how really measurable it is. We hope for a triumph of morality, even if it is only a 1 percent triumph.  Here we are days before an election, and the country is so divided we are unable to project with any surety, who the victor shall be. Immorality has taken us over. If we do survive this election hanging by a thread in one last hurrah, without a significant change in the hearts of the people, it is extremely unlikely that we’ll make it through the next one.

Immorality is inescapable. We’ve grown accustomed to seeing it in upper levels of society, but now, even citizens of main street America find themselves touched by the waves of licentious and lewd behavior generated by the convulsions of this behavioral cesspool. We have in positions of leadership and authority individuals who are unworthy of either. Individuals who possess the one primary characteristic required to lead: moral authority.  Our most precious commodity, our children, are forced by threat of law to attend public institutions of learning, where they are prey for those in front of the classroom, with pedophilic intent. As if that is not horrific enough, to add insult to injury, we now see a member of the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors, recently jailed for a charge of forcible sodomy. While I full well understand that in our judicial system, an individual is innocent until proven guilty, I also understand appearances. I understand that the individual in question turned himself in. Now I may stand in error here, but my Scots-Irish Southern upbringing finds me unable to so simply turn myself in like that, were I in no possession of the question of my innocence. And therein is the basic problem today. Character, integrity, and leadership.  Like economic and energy resources, we have too little of it available to us today.

It is not surprising to me that this member of the ACBOS recently made a public spectacle of his renouncing of the Eagle Badge earned in his youth. Obviously, one can repeat by rote an oath and a pledge, able to utter the words, yet failing to absorb the characteristics into one’s heart and mind. In that regard, especially given this latest action, I am not at all offended by his renouncement of his Scouting rank and heritage. Indeed, he did a great favor to all of the rest of us who were just crazy enough to try to live by those anachronistic character traits. You spared us the embarrassment and guilt by association.

There was a time when the manner in which one comported one’s self was simple. It was the cognizant acceptance of a basic life principle. Abstain from all appearance of evil. Corrupt affections indulged in the heart, and evil practices allowed of in one’s life, will greatly tend to promote fatal errors in the mind; whereas purity of heart, and integrity of life, will dispose one to receive the truth in the love of it. We should therefore abstain from evil, and all appearances of evil, from sin, and that which looks like sin, leads to it, and borders upon it. He who is not shy of the appearances of sin, who shuns not the occasions of sin, and who avoids not the temptations and approaches to sin, will not long abstain from the actual commission of sin. This is why so many today weary of the alleged leaders put into office. They once were held in high regard, raising the bar of wise and disciplined behavior. Giving a set point for others, especially our youth, to aspire towards.  How untrue today! Our community pillars and those of leadership and authority over us do the exact opposite. They pull our youth down. If you question this, then consider the statistical abstracts regarding the explosion of oral sex and the accompanying health issues. Examine the age group most affected, and do the math. They are of the generation whose formative years occurred with Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky and a certain dress. Impressive legacy slick! In a former age, no individual would have been allowed to have kept his office, much less be as popular on the speaking tour as is Bill Clinton. Most certainly he would not be sought after to assist in a re-election campaign, indeed, a candidate of integrity and character would want as great a distance as possible from such a person. Now, they are embraced. This is in no small part, why there is such disgust and contempt, not necessarily for government. I do not resent the government, as designed and intended by our founding fathers! I am disgusted by the manner in which it has been perverted and subjugated by those possessing no morals, and consequently no moral authority.

Proverbs Chapter 29 verse 2 is correct in saying “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; But when a wicked man rules, the people groan. “

America has rejected the Bible. With that rejection, what do we have left?  Polls and surveys. Everyone clever in his own sight, wise in her own eyes—espousing supposedly wise and sagacious opinions. That is all that remains is it not?  The only right or wrong we understand is whatever the poll tells us. This is the ultimate destination where hope and change and moving forward without following God’s law has taken us. This is what we ended up after all we had. An economy that was once the financial engine of the planet, reduced to near ruins. A spirit of exceptionalism that led the world in the educational and scientific communities. A society free of crime and violence. One where the family was strong and the individual was of hardy character and righteousness. Now what do we possess?  An arrogance and conceit marks us, as we sit around with the bedazzled smirk of self-congratulation as fools who don’t know how stupid we are, with polls giving us the sum of collective fools. Don’t you wish we could trust leaders? Well, it was that way in Israel. Isaiah 5 Verse 22, “Woe to those who are heroes.” The word “heroes” in the Hebrew means leader. “The leaders were drinking wine and the valiant men a different Hebrew word for leaders were mixing strong drink.” They were drunk. And, in addition, verse 23, “They were justifying wicked people for a bribe.” In other words, they could be bought. “And they take away the rights of the ones who are in the right.” They abuse people. There was no equity. There was no true justice. People were buying offices, buying positions, taking bribes. They weren’t even in control of themselves, because they were drunk. Perverse leaders.  Drunkenness, bribery, corruption, perverting of justice, and these were the leaders. The cycle of nations, we are there are we not?

The final point. I do not know about anyone else, but I am disturbed at the speed at which local officials have recused themselves from adjudicating this matter. On the one hand, it is should be comforting to think that this matter will be fairly and objectively handled. On the other, I cannot help but to inquire as to the nature of the after-hours relationships by the various parties involved. Indeed, since I first submitted this for consideration, the news has now reported that the individual who placed her home on the block, in order to bail out the accused supervisor, has herself now been arrested for drunk driving. This same individual who has twice now, attempted a run for public office. Now I may be old fashioned, but I surely do not want to see the arrest photographs of individuals who sit on a governing body, or wish to, regularly  showing up in the media. Where does all this lead? How significant is it that the supervisor accused of forced sodomy is bailed out by the party leader who puts the lives of others in danger by driving drunk on public roadways? That question must be answered within the recesses of one’s heart and mind. I know where my thoughts lead on the matter. In older times, tar and feathers, rotten vegetables and rails would be appropriate accoutrements in the solution.

It is important to remember that one need not look too far back into recent history to recall how the prosecution of just one operator of a house of ill repute destroyed the judicial and legislative pillars of some communities.  It is my most sincere hope to not find that to be the case here, but recent events have not given me pause to hold my breath. The most honorable action that could be taken would be for that member of the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors, to voluntarily step down from his leadership position. The same for holds true for the local party leader whose actions call into question, moral authority, or lack thereof. If by some long shot, these actions can somehow be successfully defended in a court of law, the fact that one lived a life that allowed accusations of such questionable character to be leveled, displays a lack of discretion. Those of us citizens in possession of such discipline and discernment deserve to be represented by ones more honorable.

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HANK MARTIN is an Albemarle native, a graduate of Albemarle High School and PVCC majoring in Business Management. He has an extensive history of participating in the local Cub and Boy Scout Programs, both as a Scout and later as Scout Master, as well as having been a member of the Monticello Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol. He has also served as a leader in church youth character building programs, such as AWANA's and the Royal Ambassadors. He is an avid student of both Biblical and world history as well as Biblical prophecy. He participated in the adoption of the school anti-bullying legislation sponsored by delegate Rob Bell. In 2006, in response to proposed ordinances by the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors regarding property rights, he founded and chaired Forever Albemarle, a personal property rights group. He resides in Albemarle County with his wife, and one of their two sons, the other now a resident out of state.


  1. “All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way . . .” – Isaiah 53:6

    “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God” – Romans 3:23

    All people sin, including people who display racial prejudice, and who grandiosely “forgive” people who correct them on the facts. Also, in America, whose principles conservatives claim to love, people are innocent until proven guilty.

  2. Ken, I see that your commitment to your beliefs is as manifest as is the president’s. He told us that Gitmo would be closed, and unemployment would be down, etc., etc., and you told me that “I’m done talking to you.” Alas, irrepressible characteristics dominate as they did the scorpion when stinging the frog. You display a fondness for the ability to quote Scripture in order to support positions that are unsupportable. I could just as easily quote a Scripture to justify my not wasting my time or material in rebuttal.
    “Hypocrite, cast out first the beam out of thine eye, and then thou wilt see clearly to cast out the mote out of the eye of thy brother. Give not that which is holy to the dogs, nor cast your pearls before the swine, lest they trample them with their feet, and turning round rend you. “Matthew 7:5 & 6.”
    You continually defend the indefensible. You have both eyes and ears, yet refuse to see and hear. You manage to repeatedly attempt to obfuscate the recorded truth that Rob displays on this site. These images are not staged. They were not conjured up on a whim. They were simply recorded. Rob, nor the owner of the Shell station “entrapped” these people to behave as they did. They merely captured it on camera. Dumler and Neff were not manipulated into behaving as they did; they simply got caught at it. And therein exists the reason for the observable discontent and rage that is prevalent in the ideology you defend. For generations, liberals have steered this ship of state towards a promised new Eden. They have clawed, scratched, perverted, cheated, bought and stolen everything and everyone that stood in their way. Well guess what? We’ve dropped anchor off shore, and found the fruit to be poisonous, the water brackish, and the soil desolate. This new Eden looked good over the horizon, but reality has shown it to be a façade, and look at all we jettisoned to get here.
    You call me prejudice. Most presumptive. You do not know me. You did not grow up with me. Those that did know how foolishly false that statement is. I know my history and God knows my heart, so how about you practicing your own preaching regarding judging? You so quickly call conservatives racists, but let’s allow history to speak for itself. Conservatives are in possession of an impressive, yet forgotten, record on civil rights. History records that it was the Liberal Democrats whose decision it was to be a party of slavery. Conservative Republicans owned slaves. It was the Republicans who passed the first Civil Rights Act following the Civil War, followed by the 14th amendment, which gave protection from deprivation of due process of law and equal protection by the states. Every Democrat in Congress voted against it. The 15th amendment which gave blacks the right to vote, passed by 98% of the Republicans, 97% of the Democrats voted against it. In 1868, the Democratic Party’s national slogan was “This is a White Man’s Government,” see a trend? The Democratic Party’s members include George Wallace, the former Democratic governor of Alabama, who raised the much maligned Confederate flag over the state capital. Former KKK Klansmen Hugo Black and Robert Byrd. Supreme Court justice and West Virginia Senator, respectively. Ernest Hollings, South Carolina Senator who famously stated in the 84 primary, “You had wetbacks from California that came in here for Cranston,” was explaining why his opponent was second in a straw poll. It was Democrat Robert F. Kennedy who directed the FBI to wiretap the home of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It was the Democratic House and Senate that LBJ had to overcome, in order to pass the Civil Rights Act. He was aided by Republicans.
    Obviously absent from public discourse is the improved racial relations by conservatives of late. It was George H. W. Bush who appointed Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court, only the second black ever appointed to the high court. It was George W. Bush who appointed two consecutive Sec of State, Colin Powell, and Condoleza Rice.
    Who is the more racist then? The Republicans and Conservatives who have attempted, for the last 150 years, to liberate black Americans promoting self-reliance, or the Liberal Democrats who have spent the same amount of time trying to hold blacks back, making them dependent on big government? Deceiving them with welfare, food stamps, clothing, housing and medical assistance. LibDems gave voice and welcomed the cause publically, garnering the embracement of black America. In return, what did they get? Family structures destroyed. Rampant fatherlessness, of which the current president is more motivated by then he knows, much to our detriment. Crime, drugs, unwed mothers, etc. Is that not racist Ken? If any group were to perpetrate with deliberation, the destruction of a peoples as effectively as liberal policies have done by accident, there would be trials still going on to this day.
    Secondly, your inquiry as to how an attitude could be funded. Easy. Take by force, my tax money. Take by force, children into public institutions. Force them through the perversion of and restriction from historical facts, how to hate their country, and deny its proud heritage. Take from them the ability to reason, research, and record and then speak. Stamp out individualism, and mold them into an easily controlled collective. You will have a people who fail to RESPECT themselves, their country, their fellow citizens and the rights of those citizens. In short, you will have the very substance of what Rob is capturing on film. That’s how you fund an attitude.

  3. I am very disturbed at the party right now. How could the Chairman of the Albemarle County Democratic Party not ask for the resignations of Dumler and Neff now? Even though Dumler has only been accused of forcible sodomy against a woman, it was a woman, the Vice Chairman of the Democratic Party, with a history of standing up for women, who posted his $50,000 bond!

    Look folks, we have a disease in the party right now. In the past 2 years, here’s our record – 4 arrests – 2 past Cville Mayors and regular party activists, one current Supervisor and one Vice Chairman, all arrested! Need I say more? Read it here, in The Hook:

    Frank Buck, former Charlottesville Democratic Mayor and Councilman (1980 to 1988), arrested on November 11, 2010 and charged with assault; sentenced March 2011:

    Blake Caravati, former Charlottesville Democratic Mayor and Councilman (1998 – 2006), arrested and charged with assault and battery; Arrested September 9, 2011, sentenced Oct 21, 2011:

    Christopher J Dumler, current Democratic Supervisor in Albemarle County (Scottsville District), was arrested October 18, 2012 for Forcible Sodomy that occurred October 4, 2012 in Albemarle County:
    Note: Dumler’s $50,000 bond was posted by Albemarle County Democratic Vice Chairman and twice-candidate for political office, Cynthia Neff.

    Cynthia Neff, current Vice Chairman of the Albemarle County Democratic Party was arrested for DUI on Sunday October 28, 2012 early a.m. after a night of drinking at a local fund raiser and perhaps their After Party:

  4. Hank, my view on welfare and race and a whole bunch of other things are too nuanced for someone of your simplistic, black and white mentality to understand, but please explain how you know that liberal Democrats want “to hold blacks back, making them dependent on big government”? That’s just a prejudice you extremist hold.

    Anyhow, you’re trying to change the subject. Never mind writing another 900 words. Tell us this, if you can – why did you guess that a black woman driving a nice car was getting government assistance? If your presumption isn’t racist, you should be able to explain it. Also explain how you know Dumler is guilty. And if you’re trying to model good character for kids, shouldn’t you at least admit that you were wrong about that Lincoln quote, and wrong to “forgive” me for pointing it out? What kind of character is it not to be able to admit a mistake that isn’t even a fault, just a simple mistake?

  5. From my brief interaction with the woman. Just based on her actions, words, she is angry. She was told one thing by someone and when reality of situation hit her in face she got angrier. Pulling up a sign didn’t help her image any. so the question is why did she return to store later that evening? Rumor was to get her money back! Who knows she just didn’t help her case either way!

  6. “Hank, my view on welfare and race and a whole bunch of other things are too nuanced for someone of your simplistic, black and white mentality to understand, but please explain how you know that liberal Democrats want “to hold blacks back, making them dependent on big government”? That’s just a prejudice you extremist hold. “

    Ken, your statement is an excellent example of the bias that so many have grown fatigued with. Your views are too nuanced for my simplistic, black and white mentality to understand, really? I have considerable experience in the plumbing/heating/AC/mechanical industry. It has been my experience that the more you overthink the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain. Perhaps if we had more allegedly simplistic individuals, we’d be in a lot less trouble. We need those who can easily identify fecal matter when they see it.

    The proof of my statement is readily observable. We’ve had how many generations since LBL and the establishment of “The Great Society “and the “War on Poverty “? Is the black family better or worse for it? Do we see improvement in daily family life and living conditions? Is the family structure stronger or weaker? Is the collective self-esteem healthier, or more sickly? Ask Bishop E.W. Jackson, Alan Keyes, Bill Cosby, T.D. Jakes or Allen West. Ask those black families in Chicago and NY, who are desperately trying to get their children out of state schools and into private schools their opinions. If any party truly was as concerned as they claimed, for the welfare of a group, then they could not, would not have their supporters in the dire straits they find themselves in. However, if they wanted to maintain a voting block of people, whom they could take for granted, then they would indeed maintain the status quo in perpetuity. Look around you. Examine the statistical abstracts. Honestly answer your own inquiry.

    “Tell us this; if you can – why did you guess that a black woman driving a nice car was getting government assistance? If your presumption isn’t racist, you should be able to explain it.”

    Observation and experience. First, as I indicated in my original response, I interacted with this individual, who was hell bent on NOT following directions. NOT waiting her turn. Going against established traffic flow, in order to cut into line. The “discussion “which followed between us, as I had to direct her otherwise, was, as you would put it, pretty simplistic, disrespectful, and uncivilized. And let me state, this could have been a white woman, whose behavior was identical, and I would have posed the same wager. Its attitude, not skin color. Secondly, it has been my experience and observation over the half century of my existence, that an individual who has had to actually work for their possessions, is far less likely to display such recordable lack of self-control or self-discipline, when it comes to the issue of respecting someone else’s property. Why? Because if you’ve never had to work for anything, you don’t appreciate it. It cost you nothing. There exists no blood, sweat nor tears in its attainment. Conversely, when you have not had everything handed to you, you understand the personal sacrifice involved. Which I suppose explains my ability to NOT TRESPASS onto others land, and VANDALIZE their property, while the same cannot be said of mine, on multiple occasions. Explanation enough, or is that too simplistic and insufficiently nuanced?

    “Also explain how you know Dumler is guilty. And if you’re trying to model good character for kids, shouldn’t you at least admit that you were wrong about that Lincoln quote, and wrong to “forgive” me for pointing it out? What kind of character is it not to be able to admit a mistake that isn’t even a fault, just a simple mistake?”

    Ken, in all seriousness, if you were accused of forcible sodomy, and knew beyond a shadow of any doubt, that you were in no way guilty, would you turn yourself in? I would not. But there again, I am applying those simplistic notions that I learned from my personal Bible reading, and the oaths and creeds inculcated into me by the exact same Scouting experience that Dumler had. In other words, I would not have allowed myself to be near a situation that would allow me to even have such charges leveled. So let me ask you, would you want Dumler to look after your wife or children in your absence?

    If it were me, I would be far less concerned about a possible quotation attributed to Lincoln from a pastors sermon given 74 years ago, and far more interested in the “ wrong “ my party leader was currently covering up regarding his lack of action in Libya. That just for starters. But that’s just my simplistic attitude getting in the way again.

  7. We need those who can easily identify fecal matter when they see it.

    Good line; thanks for the laugh.

    Is the black family better or worse for it?

    I’m very familiar with this line of thinking. The problem with it is that there is no one black family, but millions of black and white families which has been affected by Great Society programs, and you have to balance the bad with the good, the dependency inculcated in some with the hunger alleviated and the sickness cured on others. Ask Bill Cosby if he wants TANF dismantled. Many people support it because they’re genuinely concerned with the immediate, physical effects of poverty. I can’t imagine why this is so difficult to understand or acknowledge.

    Explanation enough, or is that too simplistic and insufficiently nuanced?

    Insufficiently observed. There is no sure connection between disrespect, theft, or any other bad behavior and not working and earning what you have. That too should be obvious.

    As for Dumler, people frequently turn themselves in when they’re innocent. The even more embarrassing alternative is to be arrested or home or at work.

    I would not have allowed myself to be near a situation that would allow me to even have such charges leveled.

    Do you even know the situation, or if there was one?

    If it were me, I would be far less concerned about a possible quotation attributed to Lincoln from a pastors sermon given 74 years ago, and far more interested in the “ wrong “ my party leader was currently covering up regarding his lack of action in Libya. That just for starters. But that’s just my simplistic attitude getting in the way again.

    Yes it is. Even if Obama engaged in a cover-up, a possibility I’m not ruling out, it doesn’t excuse you for attacking rather than admitting a simple mistake. Your Bible does tell you that.

  8. Debating you guys is like taking candy out of a baby’s mouth. You’re so defenseless it almost feels mean.

    I would ask you to explain how growing up any place else in the world, you don’t even have to know where or what form of government it had, would necessarily make someone a leftist (which I’m not, actually). But you’d probably try to change the subject again. So far you’ve tried changing it because you can’t defend your charge that a black woman driving an expensive car is a welfare recipient, and because you can’t defend your charge that Dumler is guilty. But it’s OK, Hank. All you guys need is an isolated fact or two, and then Presto!, you’ve got an airtight case for your bigotry towards people who don’t share all your political views. No thought required. All your friends will nods their heads yes.

    My formative political years, by the way, which is to say all my youth except for a few preteen years, were spent here in the good old US of A, and I’ve lived here ever since. So try some other cockamamie theory for why I don’t resent 47% of the country.


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