WANTED: Information leading to the arrest and conviction of the Sign Thrasher.


Liberal violence against conservative political free expression continues virtually unabated in Charlottesville and surrounding areas—and it appears to be intensifying in the days approaching the November 6 elections.

Caught on tape, and now featured in Charlottesville’s Most Wanted Episode 2, is the Sign Thrasher. This female suspect was filmed entering the Preston Avenue Shell mini-market shortly after 9 PM on September 25, 2012. Upon exiting the store, she moved her vehicle (likely a maroon, mid-90s Ford Explorer) in proximity to a 4 x 8 Romney/Ryan campaign sign posted on the Shell property. A female passenger exited the Explorer and attempted, without success, to topple the sign. The passenger then summoned the Sign Thrasher, whose efforts quickly upended the placard.

Notably, this suspect was spotted taking advantage of the $1.84/gallon “Gas Can Man” event held earlier that day at this same location.

The owners of the sign wish to press charges against the suspect Sign Thrasher. Can you identify her?

If so, political activist, Steve Peters is offering the following reward: A tankful of gas (not to exceed $100) to the first person who successfully identifies the individual or individuals that are then charged with and convicted of the crime shown in the video.

A reward for the identity of the Sign Stealer, featured in the inaugural edition of Charlottesville’s Most Wanted, remains unclaimed. View that suspect here.

Determination of the reward recipient, if any, will be at the sole discretion of Steve Peters. Entries may be submitted via email to schillingshow@gmail.com or by phone to The Schilling Show Hotline, (424) 218-2349. All tipsters will remain anonymous.

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  1. Oh my God!!! Such violence! It’s like our town is being taken over by the Taliban!!! Just wondering if the person who put the sign there had the permission of anyone to do so on that private spot or is it city property? If it is city property, then how can they allow any one party to erect any signs of endorsement one way or another?

  2. Would anyone care to wager as to whether or not this ” flower of American Citizenship ” receives any or more likely, many subsidies from WE THE PEOPLE. Translated, we the responsible, disciplined, law abiding, and hard working tax payer, funds this immature, irresponsible, and entitled attitude displayed here. This individual drives a fine vehicle, and obviously nothing gets between her and a good meal. And yes, she was indeed at the ” Gas Can Man ” event. I know, because I had to repeatedly and adamantly prevent her determined attempt to enter the station from the wrong direction, thereby ” cutting in ” on those able to both comprehend and follow simple directions. This serves as the very examples of the mentality of ” Entitled Dolists. ” The various levels of government have given them everything except common sense and self-respect. Is it any wonder then, we are surprised to see examples of such flagrant lack of respect for the property rights of others. You can’t have respect for others, when you possess none for yourself.

  3. Wow Hank Martin – just go ahead and use the right moniker Hank JR. Assume much? Why do you think this person is getting any government subsidy for anything – simply because she is black and not a Romney supporter? All your hate is hurting this country. You are evil.

  4. Excuse my big fat hariy ass. I am one who put up the sign. I was asked by the owner. The sign was on his property. The city property is the sidewalk. I was on entence side and she tried her damnest to run my ass over along with the 2 police officers. I made a spot to put her big red monster in.Than she tried to cut off couple of other individuals who in line ahead of her. Also the passenage is in video was with her too. When she first learned that it was going to cost $1.84 gallon she was pissed. Out of her mouth came the following my friend works here and she told me it was free. Since the sign came down, I put up another one which lasted almost a month before they tore it down again (at least they had to pack a lunch and now in jail). Stop Racism, yet, I was called everything except a white man when I put it back up the third time. I was told that owner may have right to put it but we have the right to take it down. The ownership of private property comes from government. The red monster has Va license plate on it. Yet!

  5. we the responsible, disciplined, law abiding, and hard working tax payer, funds this immature, irresponsible, and entitled attitude displayed here.

    Never mind the apparent racism. The woman’s driving a nice car but she’s black so she must be getting welfare, right? Yeah, that makes sense. And never mind the grammar that a grade school kid would know is bad. Would you care to explain how an attitude could be funded?

  6. Hoping this woman caught destroying another’s property is made an example of within the public record and over the airwaves.
    Thanks to the Schilling Show for excellent coverage for a concerning situation.

  7. As I was taking down a 4 x 8 signs Saturday due the storm coming. The following comment was made by a group of teenager. We show that cracker didn’t we. We were coming back tonight to finish the job. Yes they have spray painted one side of the sign as nail the one across the street. Now since this was a group of immature teenagers, did they made a racist remark or using the language they were taught by older adult? Still doesn’t matter the sign was on private property.


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