Over the past four years, elected Democrats—President Barack Obama, (former) Congressman Tom Perriello, Delegate David Toscano, and others—have suggested or employed coercive tactics in coordinated effort to quell conservatives’ free political expression.

The culmination of these attempts:

In his own backyard, Thomas Jefferson’s vision of a free and orderly society—self-governed by responsible and knowledgeable individuals—is crumbling under the dominion of Marx-inspired elected officials. These, and their sympathizers, have become brazen in their oppression campaign as demonstrated by the incidents referenced above and in the video: The Violent Democrat War on Free Speech.

(The Schilling Show thanks political activist, Steve Peters, and former 5th District GOP Chair, Randolph Byrd, for video production assistance.)


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  1. This form of reprehensible, immature, and tyrannical behavior goes back to at least 2000. I have suffered the loss of an American flag and pole, numerous political support signs as well as signs asking for God’s blessing on our troops. I filed numerous police reports, to no avail. Interestingly, a home across the street from me, displaying signs opposite to my views, has never been touched. Therein lays the basic difference between the two parties, and the peoples who populate them. When you remove God and all vestiges of decency from your platform, you by default make yourself ripe for the most base of human traits. I would never, ever consider trespassing onto someone else’s property to perpetrate theft or vandalism, simply because I disagree with another’s political viewpoint. What prevents me from doing so? The understanding of appropriate human behavior given to us through the traditional Judeo-Christian foundations upon which, our nation was founded. Personal experience has made me cognizant of a simple fact. There are two types of individuals in this world. Those who want to control all aspects of your life, and those who do not wish to make such an encroachment. Those who trespass for illegal activities, as well as other “busybody” kinds of activities simply show themselves for what they are. They are simply an ineffective totalitarian.
    Speaking for myself, as a conservative, I almost instinctively side with the individual over the group. I know that there are many choices that are exactly that, a choice. Doomsday will not be ushered in if someone wants to drive a Ford Expedition rather than a Chevy Volt. Armageddon will not be caused because another person likes paper and rot plastic. I am for diversity in its truest sense. You can eat, drink, and drive what you like. It’s your choice and I won’t judge you. Just return the same courtesy to me. Respect my personal property rights and my right to speak freely, as I do you.

  2. Interestingly, a home across the street from me, displaying signs opposite to my views, has never been touched. Therein lays the basic difference between the two parties, and the peoples who populate them.

    The peoples? How do you know that it’s more than one person who is stealing from you? Here’s a fact for you. Not a feel good fantasy about how bad your political opponents are, but a fact:

    According to the FBI, “The average violent crime rate (murder, forcible rape, robbery, aggravated assault) in 2008 for the 28 states that voted for Barack Obama in the 2008 Presidential election was 389 incidents per 100,000 residents. The average violent crime rate for the 22 states that voted for John McCain was 412 incidents per 100,000 residents – or a 5.8 percent higher incidence of violent crime.”

    You can google that. So much for god-fearing decent conservatives being preyed upon by godless Democrats.

  3. I recall the old axiom that states “All politics is local.” I am stating only the empirical experiences which I have been directly impacted by HERE IN THIS LOCALITY! I really couldn’t care less about any other alleged facts that you may desire to cite. Rob’s piece is reporting the disgusting behavior of local citizens here. I am relating those historical facts as they apply right here and right now as well. The images and video speak for themselves. Your obvious yet futile attempts at obfuscation in this matter only serves to discredit any arguments of defense that you or anyone else could possibly put forth.

  4. 1) “All politics is local” is a phrase coined by the Democrat Tip O’Neill. It refers to the fact that politicians need to concern themselves with what they’re constituents are concerned with if they’re going to get re-elected. In other words, it can’t possibly support your attempt to demonize Democrats as “ripe for the most base of human traits” just because in the interest of diversity, which you claim to favor, they didn’t mention God in their party platform.

    2) “I am stating only the empirical experiences which I have been directly impacted by HERE IN THIS LOCALITY!” That’s not true. You’re not just telling us your personal experience. You’re going on to say your experience shows “the basic difference between the two parties.” You’re drawing a larger conclusion from your personal experience. I’m showing by the use of both facts and simple logic that there is no basis for that conclusion. True arguments are based in overall facts, not just isolated anecdotes. Mine come from the FBI. Where are yours?

    3) “I really couldn’t care less about any other alleged facts that you may desire to cite.” Thank you for stating so clearly what your behavior and that of certain other regular callers to the Schilling Show demonstrates: you believe what you want to believe and the facts be d…..

    4) “Rob’s piece is reporting the disgusting behavior of local citizens here. I am relating those historical facts as they apply right here and right now as well. The images and video speak for themselves.” Again, on the contrary, you are claiming that these incidents illustrate “the basic difference between the two parties,” when in fact as a couple of callers pointed out, these crimes happen to people on both sides.

    Owners of a Denver restaurant that told Romney not to make a campaign appearance there received hate mail and death threats and were called racists by people across the country. In Starmount, NC, an Obama sign was taken down, filled with dog feces, and stuffed in a mailbox. Other signs have been stolen, bumper stickers have been ripped off cars, and cars that have had their Obama stickers pulled off have been keyed.

    Not only are crimes like these committed against both Democrats and Republicans, I’ll bet they’re committed by a very few individuals who victimize multiple people. As I said before, you have no way of even knowing that you were robbed by more than one person yourself. I challenge you to start there. If what’s unfortunately been done to you demonstrates “the basic difference between the two parties, and the peoples who populate them,” then provide some evidence that more than one person has done it.

  5. Ken,

    Aren’t you jumping to conclusions with your Google referenced statistics? Many conclusions actually.

    Crime may be under-reported in states that voted for BO, due to being more chaotic in general, having suffered many years under democratic controlled governments.

    Criminals go to where the pay off is. Your stats prove in no way that God-fearing people are committing violent crimes. The most likely suspect is still a godless left leaning individual of poor character. That by no means includes all left leaners or Obama voters.

    Ken, you’re better than that argument.

  6. Thanks for one of the most creative theories I’ve ever heard, Harrison, but I don’t think it makes any sense. Where is the slightest bit of evidence that blue states are more chaotic? Or that crime is unreported there? Or that there is a link between “chaos,” to the extent that you even find it in America, and unreported crime? And define and show this supposed crime-producing suffering under democratic governments. Provide evidence that criminals have moved to red states.

    No, the FBI’s statistics do not prove, or even suggest, that God-fearing people are committing violent crimes. They just suggest that there are fewer God-fearing people in red than blue states. By the way, did you know that according to the latest figures from 2009, married couples in conservative states tend to divorce at higher rates than more liberal ones? Or that 9 of 10 states with the highest rates of incarceration are red? Etc.

    An awful lot of social conservatives and Tea Partiers hold to a cartoonish view of the world in which you are the good guys serving as salt and light in a contry being overtaken by godless, immature liberals. As I’ve said here before, that’s a self-serving, self-righteous fantasy, and a denial of the scriptural truth that we’re all sinners.

  7. I am one who put the sign up at Shell station and it was stolen. I am one who replaced it. As of this writing still there. I put one on Cherry this past Saturday and sometime after the nice couple when to bed, someone came 40 feet up a hill into their yard and spray painted the Romney sign. I have had Romeny in my yard taken down 2 times until I fixed it to point where you need to back a lunch. I gave no one permission to come into my yard and wreck anything or take it down. The couple on Cherry were asked by me if they would like a 4 x 8. So the thank’s they get is someone coming into their yard, uninvited. Let talk about the elder couple who have had signs in their yards for yr but stopped due to vandalism. Let get real, I am tired of bull shit that anyone thinks they has right to come into my yard and take down a sign, or key my car when I put a bumper sticker on it they don’t like. By way I don’t give a dam what has happen in other state, I give a dam what has happen here in Charlottesville. I am embarrass I ever move this area because of all self – righteous individuals who think they got all right answers. There are allot of good people in this town who no longer care. All they want to do is move but can’t. Good people who were born here and raised a family and retired here who are ashamed of all bullshit that is going on. they have stop talking to city hall, stop voting because they have lost hope. Put up a sign is inviting trouble. Let get real, what is real issue, not the fancy bs that I read here, what is real issue. don’t tell me because I hold a cartoonish view of world!!!!!!

  8. A sign is just a sign with a message on it. That someone has taken the time to design and spend money on getting made. Than someone takes the time to put up sign in their yard or on their busniess. The issue is not the sign the issue is saying on sign in my yard (and yes it was taken down again yesterday in rain). The First Amendment is for everyone not for the choicen few. The issue is anyone who feel they have right to remove the sign or bumper sticker and no one does anything about it. As far as reporting of crime figure, depends on community and what management want reported and how they repoort it. Murders, rapes etc are not on a different level compair to someone walking into someone yards and destorying a sign or keying a car. This is taken directly from the Code of VA. The neighborhood you live in also have allot to do with if signs stay up or not. However it doesn’t matter as long as we continue to let government decides who has rights and who doesn’t either. And yes I am still pissed! Yes still pissed and wish this election was over with. Maybe G.A., should up date code that political signs should only be put the day before the election or?

  9. Despite being a rambling and in coherent at times, I mean what was that UN reference? This video had several acts of crime committed. Has anyone been charged? Especially the gentleman
    That trespassed and pulled up signs…. He should go to jail

  10. Funny. We Democrats get the same treatment from Conservatives. I think everyone needs to be more civil and respect each other.

    It’s striking that Tea Partiers, who deride liberals as immature, have such a victim mentality themselves.

  11. Funny try the other shoe, living in Charlottesville, as a conservative, I am always being insulted on election day by certain democrats. One does get tired of someone saying to a child, don’t talk to him, he is a republican. Now the few tea party individuals I know used to belong to democrat party. they left because they were tired of being told to do more, give more, work more for the cause. when allot of time the cause was morally wrong with the moral they were raised with….. so what does a conservative do?

  12. area, who insults you on election day? How do they do it? What do they say?

    Now the few tea party individuals I know used to belong to democrat party.

    As I’ve said before, I have great respect for conservative principles and values. I’m not knocking people for joining the Tea Party, and I’m not minimizing crimes. I’m pointing to the incredible silliness and childishness and self-indulgence of a video like this, which pretends only Democrats act badly. I’m pointing to the lack of moral seriousness, from a Christian point of view, of sinners whining when they’re sinned against.

  13. In 2008 I had my McCain sign pulled out of my (city) yard three times before the election. The 20-something Obama signs were never touched.
    Groupthink leads to intolerance of other views. Liberals are the most intolerant people I know, if you’re white, Christian, or conservative.

  14. yes when should we expect the local news to showing your video on Republlicans gone bad. Better yet how come the local media is afraid to report the destruction of signs going on around town and in urban ring? It is time for adult in room to stand and be counted and immature adult need to be given a very long time out…………….

  15. Read my third post here for examples of Republicans acting very badly. And I’ll ask again – how do you know that more than one or two people are messing with the signs? How do you know a couple of apolitical teens aren’t responsible? And let’s have details about you’re being insulted on Election Day.

    I learned a long time ago not to expect answers when I ask challenging questions around here.

  16. Interesting. Only Republicans are using their full names.

    The most thoughtful and accurate statement so far, “When you remove God and all vestiges of decency from your platform, you by default make yourself ripe for the most base of human traits.”

    Plus, I’m not a member of any Tea Party group, but if you check the facts, they do not resort to the same dirty politics.

  17. The facts are that a couple of Denver restaurant owners received death threats and were called racists when they refused to let their business be used as a setting for the Romney campaign. The facts are that the Obama sign in front of party headquarters in Greensboro was stolen. The facts are that in Starmount, an Obama sign was removed from the stand, filled with dog feces and stuffed in a mailbox, signs were stolen, and cars with bumper stickers have been keyed or had their stickers pulled off.

    You people are impervious to facts, logic, basic Christian teaching, and common sense.

  18. Only persons truly responsible for injustice prefer silence and seek to impose it, as has long been the case with dictatorial gov’ts and authoritarians of all sorts.

  19. Ken to answer the reply what did they call me. Mr. Schilling would have to wash my mouth out. A young lady about age of 15 was talking to me about Halloween when this individaul from the democrat party told her “don’ talk to him he is a republican.” I asked him what did I do beside showing this morning. Well it got worst. Now when he spit on me by law I could have put him in down, defending myself. Instead I told him to back up and leave me alone. He open his mouth again. I told him in a loud clear voice, Sir: I told you to back up and don’t split on me again or I will be forced to defend myself. Unknown to me a now retired city police office (off duty) saw and here, he called it in. After the pissing was over with I suggested let him go home and don’t come back. Next yr he showed up again and saw me and tried to start when he left off. Thank God that someone who was there yr before took him home. How about 2 yrs ago when I got there at 5 am and setup. I left when to another pole, setup again. By time I got back the lady in charge of Democrat moved all everything I sat up. Per her she had right to. when Sheriff came by he called their lawyer who apolized to me for her doing that. So Ken some of us try not to pick a fight but will stand up for ourselfs. As Mr. Matthew J. Franck say inclosing of a speech he gave on 9/11/12.” Individuals of faith, joined in communities of faith, forming a civil society imbued with many faiths of those many communites, own this country. the state’s authority comes from us, and its power – the power of our elected employees — cannot be greater than we can rightfully give it. We cannot give the state power over the conscience of men and women, because we do not ourselves have any right to come between God and our fellow citizens. The sooner our elected employyees remember these foundational truths, the sooner we may begin to recover a healthy notion of religious freedom.” What does this mean, simple when government act as if has all the answer, when individuals who believe in government feel they have right to come onto my property and take down my signs. Spit on me or verbal abuse me because I decided to stand again this is wrong. But there is still a few of us who will give our live if needed for the numb nuts of world the right to spit on me, to take down my signs etc. But someday we will look back on this when we no longer have these freedoms and wonder why?

  20. area, I’m really sorry that happened to you, and I hope nothing of the sort will occur this year. But the behavior of one deranged individual and one rude volunteer or official has absolutely nothing to do with some sort of state power over the conscience of men and women. If I told you about the time a neighbor saw my Obama sign and came into my yard and started raising his voice about him, and I said that shows how conservatives are all bigots, would you say I was making sense? You’re not either.

  21. How does one make sense, when dealing with another human being who has already made up his mind that you are evil.
    How does one make sense, when told GOD is going to punish you for offending me and my way of life.
    How does one make sense, when you put a sign up in your yard or bumper sticker on your car “I’m Christian and I voted,” and are told you offend me, remove it or else.
    How does one make sense, when you up Christian flag and someone tell you to take it down, it offends me.
    How does one make sense, when human being act as if state does have power over their lives. The city or state does have power over the conscience of men and women maybe indirectly than directly. When IMPACT show up next yr wanting money….

  22. OK, John Douglass only SLAPPED, haphazardly at tht guy- you guys said 'assaulted'.
    NO THAT'S NOT ASSAULT. Ok, let's not be liars like the Demos are. C'mon, we're better than that.

  23. The Gazette:
    El Paso County Democrat and Republican leaders joined Tuesday to call for an end to political vandalism. Campaign signs have been stolen, cars have been keyed, and other personal property has been trashed during this emotional election season.

    “Let’s be honest. People aren’t going to change their votes or their affiliations because they see a yard sign. They’re doing this out of emotion,” said Eli Bremer, chair of the county Republican Party. “It’s just unacceptable.”

    Christy Le Lait, executive director of the county Democratic Party, said they’ve been getting three to five calls a day from locals who say they’ve had some sort of problem.

    She’s heard stories of yard signs being ripped off or smashed, bumper stickers being keyed, and campaign magnets stolen off cars.

    Bremer said he’s been getting similar calls, also every day.

    And then there’s just old-fashioned harassment. Both Le Lait and Bremer said there have been plenty of reports on both sides of people being unnecessarily aggressive and disrespectful.

    “It’s so much fun driving down the road with an Obama bumper sticker and having people scream at you,” said Le Lait. “That happens to a lot of people.”

    [ . . . ]

    Le Lait said one womanhad an Obama bumper magnet stolen off her car twice.

    Live Leak:
    Republican Politician’s son arrested for Political Vandalism

    CAUGHT ON TAPESurveillance video released by Kingston Police shows the son of a former political candidate slashing the tires of a staff member for an opponent’s campaign.

    In the video, investigators say you can see Michael Mayfield, get off his father’s campaign bus, look aound the Roane County Courthouse parking lot for a couple of minutes, and then cut the tires of a car in the parking lot.

    The car belonged to a member of Chuck Fleischmann’s campaign staff.

    Mayfield’s father, Scottie Mayfield, was running for the Republican nomination for the US House seat in district three at the time.

  24. Ken
    I live here in Charlottesville. That is point, what has happen here in Charlottesville. I don’t give a dam what happen any place in U.S. because I don’t live there. I give a dam what has happen here. I don’t give a dam that someone stolen 40 Romney signs over in valley this past weekend. I give a dam what has happen here in Charlottesville. As far as Dougalss slapping the individual in code it is assault, nothing more, nothing less. He still made contact with individual…..the point is for too long people have turned a blind eye to the BS that has been going on in area and have finally caught up with us.

  25. This is atrocious! Democrats DO fight DIRTY to HOPE to win! I thank the Louisa newspaper, "The Central Virginian" for having printed my editorial in September – – DEMOCRATS – Fight Fair!

    IF you are proud of and confident in your Candidates, there is no need to be destructive just because Obama is.

    I see Republican yard signs and 4x8s out in Louisa County that have been knocked down, stolen or vandalized. There is nothing honorable or productive about that. In fact you may be doing yourself dirty with that vandalism. Hundreds of people see those signs while they are up – and if they think about their absence, can only surmise it is due to underhanded Democrats who stealthally work to destroy their competitors' images. SHAME ON YOU!

    Fred Gruber
    Louisa, VA

  26. A question to Virginia Democrats — Is this the kind of political discourse Thomas Jefferson envisioned for the State of his birth or country he helped create?

    Modern liberalism in the Obama era has been captured by acolytes of Saul Alinsky. Liberals who once had pride and confidence in their beliefs competed openly in the marketplace of ideas. After years in the wilderness the progressive agenda they aspired toward was fully realized by Pres Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. For the first time, unchecked liberalism wielded unlimited power and elected Demorcrat leaders gleefully ignored the will of the people they were elected to serve. In 2010, the people reciprocated by handing Republicans a historic victory and control of the House.

    A political movement that once prided itself on tolerance has become defined by its ideological rigidity and political intolerance. Like other failed or dying ideologies, modern liberalism is predicated upon fear and intimidation. The fact that liberals are employing brown shirt tactics to stifle dissent and divert attention from Pres Obama’s appalling economic and foreign policy record highlights the ideological bankruptcy of the left and lays bare the desperation that continues to seize their movement. The failure and subsequent repudiation of ObamaPelosiReid’s liberal/collectivist policies have bred a radicalism in the modern Democrat Party not seen since 1968. The tactics in this video are only one manifestation of this radicalism.

    On election day 2012, Americans will get to determine whether America continues down this path.

  27. Modern liberalism in the Obama era has been captured by acolytes of Saul Alinsky.

    I’ll bet if you polled Democrats on the Downtown Mall, you’d find not one in 50 that had read Alinsky, much less been influenced by him. And I’ll bet if you polled conservatives who ooh and aah about him, not in 50 have either. You guys don’t know Democrats, Alinsky, or what you’re talking about. All you know is the talking points you tell each other over and over. Did you know that Dick Armey’s FreedomWorks has given out Alinsky books to trainees? I challenge you to find one rule in Rules for Radicals that conservatives haven’t employed.

  28. “I’ll bet if you polled Democrats on the Downtown Mall, you’d find not one in 50 that had read Alinsky, much less been influenced by him.”

    Maybe because most are too busy indulging a passive progressive procurement of a Clower-Piven objective.

    Just saying….


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